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Girl in the Green Scarf’s festive ensemble

“When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again. ” – from the Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Well, it is not everyday you get to shop and choose your entire attire at the same time not emptying your wallets – every girls dream. When I saw such a contest open on Indiblogger, I wanted to grab the opportunity at once 🙂

Presenting to you below, my choice of the perfect festive attire and the combination of accessories.

starting something new with Shopper's Stop
starting something new with Shopper’s Stop


  • Green Mandarin-collared poly-silk Stop Mix and Match Kurta (7254707_9463) for the tops, flaunting a trending traditional style
  • Wine-color skinny fit Cros Ladies Corduroy Pants (6991922_9667) that speaks volumes on comfort and style by itself
  • Red leather Hidesign Handbag (6548899_9607), with vintage handles; sexy and safe 😉 (I own one, and I vouch for it!!)
  • Infinity Necklace collection (6092425_9999) – Rhodium plated pewter with clear and Garnet CZ
  • Fossil Women’s Watch CH2825 (6813589_9999), having a round gunmetal dial
  • Lemon Pepper Ladies Footwear (5920801_9612) – Trendy and bold,call yourself a true fashionista

Was able to make a selection of all the above and make a collage out of it, thanks to Enjoyed choosing, creating and writing for the contest, especially because all these processes were very me!

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

What women get

I was triggered to write this post after viewing the video by TMK ( do check out the link given below).

TM Krishna talks on violence against women

There is already enough talk about the physical violence against women; of course, that is to be condemned. But, he speaks about how the perception of the power and control by itself should change. About how men should address their thoughts of being more powerful than women. I was reminded of the first scene of Unnale Unnale – Men and Women, they are just different.

Here, I am just letting out my frustration on “just because you are a woman/girl, you should do this way”. Surprisingly enough, the above statement does not originate from men, mostly; true, I have known a decent number of decent men. It is the ladies who are also to be blamed. They are to be blamed for having this ingrained thought and for accepting the fact that they are subdued.

And some (seemingly silly) examples of women being discriminated…

She was not allowed to play street cricket at the age of 7, with the other children, because the neighbors might say ‘something’.

She was not allowed to travel alone to watch a movie; but can be escorted by a younger cousin-brother, since there was no issues allowing him to travel alone.

She was asked to fall at the feet of her husband during Nalangu (a tradition during TamBrahm weddings). In this function, the girl and the guy have to give rice/dal, do makeup and other such stuff to each other. One of them overseeing the occasion commented, “when the guy’s turn comes, he should repeat all the girl did, but he escapes from falling-at-the feet part.. haha!”. Is it not a personal choice?

She was asked to let go of her Doctor degree certificates, if she wants to marry the guy she loves; reason being the parents spent so much on the education.

She was asked to get married soon, because with increasing age and experience, the ability to obey reduces.

She was not-chosen over her team member for a project because the supervisors wanted single, bachelor males.

What pains you is when the above instances are from lives of women you know 😦

I do not say that we have not evolved. But there is still a huge chunk of people out there who have to be brought to their senses. We can start by avoiding insignificant discrimination like the above, first. Right?

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

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