It is not everyday that you get a couple of awards on the same day!!! First I saw this notification from WordPress saying I got an award for completing one year of blogging with them 🙂 Hours later, I get tagged in the  “Awesome Blogger & Liebster Blog Award”, thanks to my blogger-friend Gitanjali 🙂 🙂

I would call this concept an excellent effort to revive lazy bloggers and give them a reason to write. And I am reacting to just that by this post. Well, here are the rules:

  • If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
  • Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
  • Tag 11 more Bloggers.
  • No tagging back.
  • Person you tag must have < 200 followers

awwesome-blogger-award liebster-blog-award

Facts about myself:

  1. I need a reason to do anything, never can take a blind order in life
  2. The only thing that can definitely make me cry is good music
  3. I have this never-dwindling to do list that I try everyday to shorten
  4. I can stand sarcasm better than artificial smiles in people I talk to
  5. I am obsessed about being rational and logical (whether I am is an altogether different question, I just want to)
  6. I like a book better if the plot does not go as how I have guessed
  7. I love performing / singing infront of an audience… it gives me that adrenaline rush 🙂
  8. On the contrary, when it comes to speaking infront of the same audience, I get a little scared 😦
  9. My family is completely orthodox, I am completely the opposite!
  10. I love black color, Harry Potter, shopping, “akkaravadisal”, pets…
  11. The scale-balancing theory of a Libran suits me too well (read Linda Goodman if you don’t und)

Answering questions:

1. Blogging to me is_.
An expression of my thoughts and ideas; wooing more than just my english teacher through the exam paper!
2. I recommend the following 3 blogs for you to read when you are free: _ , _ and _. 😉
A Learning A Day (this guy blogs everyday, something informative,thought-provoking and awesome)
 and every other blog in CBC…
3. 5 songs on my play list. (Losing inspiration here)
Suttum vizhi sudardhan kannamma (bharathiyar – Kandukonden)
Iravum Nilavum (Karnan)
Omana Penne (VTV)
well… its mostly mood based – and the list is big enough for a post… So I shall stop here…
4. The last 5 books that I read were___.
Chanakya Chant
The Krishna Key
The Mahabharatha (by Kamala Subramaniam)
Atlas Shrugged (half way through and at a standstill)
To kill a mocking bird (reading)
5. The one movie that made me cry__.
My Sister’s Keeper
6. Some day, I will _______.
Be just the same Vid!
7. Ten places i want to visit before- whatever.
Chennai (done) 😛
Darjeeling (done)
Vatican City
Machu Pichu
some nameless village (where you get no signal also)
8. The one person who made a HUGE impact on my life would be?
There is not one. This bunch of people (friends) who have/can influence me in various walks of life – I call them my Inner Circle.
9. The last time I goofed something up __.
 It happens too frequently, I cannot isolate and tell you just one 😉
10. New year resolutions for 2013?
Like every other year – not to take any resolutions
11. (finally!) One secret that nobody knows 😛
Ahem, they are secrets… So no, I pass that…
Asking questions:
  1. What is the one thing in your life you would erase, given a chance?
  2. Your favourite 5 movies…
  3. Your one best trait / skill?
  4. Something/someone you just can’t stand?
  5. A quote that inspires you…
  6. 3 favourite blog posts – yours or someone else’s…
  7. Your take on God
  8. One really funny/embarrassing incident you were involved in…
  9. If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why? (now that the day is so close ;))
  10. What is the speed of darkness?
  11. your best-kept secret (don’t get mad at me for this qn… and please do answer!)

Passing the tag:

I would like to tag the below awesome bloggers in this post:

  1. Archana Menon
  2. Rajiv Nagarajan
  3. GB aka Ganga Bharani
  4. Sowmya Raghavan
  5. Sowmya Swaminathan
  6. Nirmal Anand
  7. Ashwini CN
  8. Sinduja Ragunathan
  9. Bragadheesh Prasanna
  10. Aarthi Rajendran
  11. Aarthi Shri

Please accept the award and pass on the tag and award to the deserved!

– Until next,

Vid 🙂