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Standing Up

For having a blog with tagline “If you have something to say, I shall be saying something as well”, I have not been saying what I have wanted to say for a long long time, I realized. It was a conscious decision because I decided to write only about music in this space. Though it was a good choice with respect to the music, it also dawned on to me recently that even when I had other things to say, I did not have a space to say it, thanks to my choices.

So here I am breaking out of confinement (my own though) and writing stuff. If you think you are not here to read this, there will be other music posts coming up. So adios!

I have been lucky enough to have a circle (/gang) of friends wherever I go. In one such gang in a girls school I studied, a topper-leader-teacher’s pet girl spoke ill about a fellow average-scoring girl for her marks. I remember the rest of the girls in the gang taking it up to the topper and when things got hot, we isolated her from our circle. Now, I do know how wrong isolating someone was, and I am sorry for that. Nevertheless, the idea had been to stand up for a friend being discriminated.

Another incident that came to memory on similar lines was something that happened in college (though there may not be many nice things to say about my college). We had a weird-looking drools-while-he-talks professor, and a guy drew a cartoon of him and passed it around in another class. Needless to say, the paper got caught, and the issue went up to the management level. For those who don’t understand the repercussion of this, kindly google “Chennai engineering college atrocities”. But even with a threat of everyone being beaten up for a silly prank one played, all the boys stood up and refused to give away the name of the “doodle artist”.

And then there are these multiple instances we see online – #metoo posts by people from many different walks of life; campaigning for a fellow blogger whose content got plagiarized, and the likes. Though they are commendable gestures, it came as a result of a cry for help. What if someone around you has been targeted and bullied? What if they are a victim of falsely asserted defamation triggered by revenge? What if they did not plead for help? What if this happens in the realms of a virtual social circle? Above all, what if apart from the victim and the perpetrators, the others in the social circle are mere onlookers?

If I was in the place of the victim, I am sure I would start questioning why my friends didn’t support me, when they see what is happening. I could even go to the extent of blaming them for being opportunistic. But then I thought if I had ever been that friend who raised my voice for support. And my answer was, yes, maybe a couple of times. Not always though. Why? There could be various other reasons apart from being opportunistic. Maybe we never realize that bullying happened; maybe we did not want to unnecessarily get involved (namakku edhuku vambu); or simply because of the magnitude of the social circle (meaning number of facebook friends) our non-involvement is justified.

It could mean one of the two things – either increased online living has diluted the humanity in us; or I need to seriously revisit my understanding of a “friend”.

Until next,

Vid 🙂

Three Hundred

When your BFF publishes a book that you have already read, re-read and heard about during the making, that too a quadzillion times, how do you review it? No this is not a review.

Author Sir (AS): Did you read the draft I sent?

Vid Dev (VD): You know I don’t read love stories, right. Will do it over the weekend.

AS: Did you complete it? It has been more than a week already.

VD: OOPS! You know I was working late… Let me do it this weekend.

AS: Hmmm……………….


VD: AS! I read the first chapter… It is full of typos.

AS: Yes ma. The part I have given you is the unedited version. I have sent it to the editor, lets see.

VD: Oh okay.

AS: Ignore that version, I am sending you an epub convert. Try it out on your phone and tell me how it looks.

VD: Okay………………………

VD: AS!! Ayn Rand, Fountain Head, and that train scene. The story actually took off brilliantly!! And then ended at the same pace – duh when are you giving me the next part?

AS: Haha, you liked it? Wait… How long you took to read what I sent. Wait for now.


VD: Hey! This other girl who comes in your story. I have read the story somewhere. Isn’t it the “the Girl with the Tattoo” from your blog?

AS (smiling): Yes, it is.

VD: So these incidents are real? They actually happened to you? Are you that Jai?

AS: Hmmm… I wouldn’t say so. I just drew inspiration from characters I have met.

VD: Finding addresses and sending flowers – don’t you think that is nauseatingly romantic?

AS: Well Jai is blindly in love. What else can you expect?

VD: Fair point.

AS: Did you read that book I lent to you? Do you remember the seven stages of love? I am basing my novel on the same concept.

VD: Oh yes! That was new to me. So your book has 7 parts, one for each stage eh? That’s cool!!


AS: Did I tell you? I am changing the title to simply 300 days. How far are we with the reading now?

VD: Close to completion. I like this Chilakamma character, you know. Well portrayed. Not like this strong willed feministic make-believe women in many books. She is strong in her own way, but so real; so relatable, with all fears and indecisiveness, wanting to be nice to all, facing the hardships that life throws at her. I have even portrayed a mental image of how she looks like.

AS: I wonder how she looks like.

VD: Let me see if I can do an illustration.

AS: Speaking of illustrations, the other one you drew – the physical copy got lost in the floods. All I have is a digital version right now.

VD: Oh no 😦 But, come on, we know what all you went through during the floods. Let’s hold on to what we have.


AS: Congratulate me!

VD: Congrats!!! What’s the occasion?

AS: The n-th publisher rejected my novel. Way to go, right?

VD: Ohhh! AS, those publishers are not the only ones who can judge your story. Look at it this way – you want to tell the world your story; the world (universe) will conspire a way to get it done.

AS: I am worried that the book might not see the light of the day.

VD: Please don’t talk that way. Look at all that you have accomplished. All that research and effort that you have put in creating this will not go waste. We should’t let it.

AS: Hmmm…

VD: You are an amazing story teller AS. It is time everyone gets to know it.


AS: Vid! 300 days is available for pre-order now!!!! It will be up for sale from the 18th of this month. You know that is Anya’s birthday?

VD: You and your way of remembering dates. Yaay! I am super excited. All the best to you!

AS: Thank you 🙂

VD: I shall “keep spreading” word about the book. I am sure you will go places buddy. “Keep smiling” 😉

300 days book trailer:

A little something I drew, a couple of years ago (the branch has 300 in it and chilakamma means parrot):


Grab your copy of the book here.

Until next,

Vid 🙂

The Real Show

We know there is so much drama, hype and emotions in a reality show, right. All for a TRP rating one would think. Midnight shoots, contracts to sing whenever summoned and capturing you weep on TV – is probably lesser known. But the real show starts much earlier than all this.

I was talking to this friend when she narrated an incident that took me to nostalgia (not in the nicer memory sense).

Eight years ago – me in yet another popular TV studio auditioning for a then popular TV competition. I got till the third round where I had to sing something of a genre I wasn’t comfortable with – I thought I did a decent rendition of thoodhu varuma when I walked out. An uncle from the audience with a familiar face walked up to me and said, “you did pretty well, they were talking about putting you in already. Why don’t you call me once you are selected; I am looking for someone to sing the title song of a serial that I’m producing? Maybe we can use your voice…” It was then I realised he was a serial actor from the same TV.

No calls came and so I called this actor / producer back after 3 days. He asked me what I had sung. Then he asked me why I wasn’t selected. How would I know? “Did they ask you anything else?” I blinked. “Well, if they had not called you yet, then you should have been rejected”, he said and cut the call.

Getting back to current day, this is the story my friend had shared.

She went to the auditioning grounds of yet another popular TV music show and stood as the third person in queue. But 150 of them got selected much before her and they were double promoted – owing to the fact that they learnt from the judge there.

Poor girl had sung every song she was asked before she was rejected. When she came out, a well wisher had suggested her to take a detour and go meet the voice specialist there. She had to repeat sing the same list of songs before the guru asked what was her result in the panel. Then he said same goes here, and rejected her. When she came out, this is what the well wisher said: “If you had offered donation or else asked to learn from them, you would have gone through easily!”

I didn’t have words to console her when she shared the story, but having listened to her sing in person, I know she has a beautiful voice and is very much capable of going places.

Comparing the two instances, I just thought… Had I figured it out that day itself, at least I wouldn’t have doubted my ability to perform.

– Until next,
Vid 🙂

Mastering a Toast

“Hear, hear” and the clinking of a glass is what we can relate to, the moment one talks about a Toast, thanks to English movies. Well it does have a relevance and a difference with what I am going to write about. The relevance is, the name toastmasters was adopted from the event, where one toasts and then gives a speech during weddings. The difference is everything else.

Somehow or the other, until a month ago I had ignored every invitation I got for any Toastmasters’ club meeting. Either because of timings or just that I seldom access that mailbox. One such event I went to because my sister’s friend nagged me to.

First session, as an audience, it looked like some church proceedings full of formalities. Still, I managed to walk in to a few more – and now I have already won an extempore talk, organised a part of the session and even delivered a “prepared” speech.

One needs some getting used to the jargon, initially. Then things will start to fall in place. Like it did for me. I also got acquainted to a new bunch of people, all united by the will to come out and speak / lead. More your friends, the merrier, ain’t it?

Another good thing is, one gets a lot of opportunities to do a variety of things. This includes anything from keeping time, introducing people, observing speech patterns, extempore and prepared speaking, evaluating those speeches, and overall governing. The club gives unique names for all these task doers and collectively calls them “role players”. And these roles can be assigned to different members during different sessions. One thing is definite – you will get to talk.


That is all for now. Looking forward to more interesting time with the club; so I shall write soon. Thanks, CSC Chennai Chapter Toastmasters!

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

Arbitration vs Mediation

“It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps the justice alive.” LJ Earl Warren

The concept of Conflict Management through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has introduced a new mechanism of dispute resolution that is non adversarial. A dispute is basically ‘lis inter partes’ and the justice dispensation system in India has found an alternative to Adversarial litigation in the form of ADR Mechanism.

Above link is a case of employee being terminated for being unproductive. The associate sued for wrongful termination, but was denied arbitration by the court as the contract of employment had already been terminated by the employer. The employee had continued working under an implied contract at will even after the termination; however, the earlier terminated contract was only considered.

As opposed to arbitration which is done by an arbitrator instead of a judge, and thus replaces the litigation process, mediation is relatively quick and inexpensive way of settling a dispute. There is no need to wait until a dispute results in a lawsuit and is sent to mediation by a judge. Pre-lawsuit mediation is becoming more widely accepted as a sensible way of resolving disputes before they turn into litigation.

Here is a similar case that I came across of employee termination that was settled outside court. The employee Rekha, who worked as a Senior Cargo Assistant in an XYZ company, was absent for work for a total of 317 days in the last three years. She had not produced any valid medical certificate. A mail was sent from the head of the department asking explanation of unauthorised absenteeism. Following which a mail from the head of HR stating that if explanation was not given in writing in 48 hours, the matter will be disposed off on merits. Both the letters did not get a reply.

Then a letter of termination was sent which was returned back. When she was emailed asking for a new address, she replied back that all her absence were informed, and she had submitted medical documents. Rekha then got back with another mail saying that she had other reasons to avail frequent leave. “The work atmosphere was not healthy for a female employee, and there was insecurity at work. In the past, I request you to transfer departments. I wish you give me another chance to prove myself as one of the best employee in the organization.”

As in the previous case, since the employment was terminated on grounds of continuous unauthorized absence, and no response from the employee, arbitration would have been denied. Here the company decided to settle the case by pre-lawsuit meditation.

Rekha’s claims of transfer request and insecurity at work were not able to be proved. However, considering her work experience of 8 years with the company a gesture payment of 2 months’ remuneration along with full and final settlement was made upon her acceptance of the cessation of employment.

images from the internet

Is copied art mine?

An artist Deva had drawn a sketch of the music composer Saint Thyagaraja and published the same in his art blog hosted by blogspot on February 9th 2011. The blog did not have restrictions in downloading the photo from the internet. A book, Pancharatna Kritis of Thyagaraja in Ghana Ragas was published in December 2013 which had the sketch drawn by Deva on its cover page. Also, the name / signature of the artist had been removed in the cover page.

Deva was enraged that his creative work was used without his permission and that they had edited his name on the sketch as well. He wrote a mail to them, but there hasn’t been a response ever since.

The photos were taken from my mobile camera, and edited using mobile app
The photos were taken from my mobile camera, and edited using mobile app

Meanwhile, let us review if this was a case of copyright infringement?

From the Copyright Act, 1957, Chapter III – 14: Copyright means “(c) in the case of an artistic work,- (i) to reproduce the work in any material form including depiction in three dimensions of a two dimensional work or in two dimensions of a three dimensional work; (ii) to communicate the work to the public; (iii) to issue copies of the work to the public not being copies already in circulation; (iv) to include the work in any cinematograph film; (v) to make any adaptation of the work; (vi) to do in relation to an adaptation of the work any of the acts specified in relation to the work in sub-clauses (i) to (iv);

This needs to be looked at in 3 levels:

  • Ownership: Establishing the work is protected under the copyright, exists – The blog still hosts the scanned copy of the sketch and the original sketch is in possession of the artist.
  • Copying: The alleged infringing act falls within the scope of exclusivity offered for that work – Copying can be proved by inference. It can be inferred that the book publisher has in fact copied the Deva’s work from the fact that the publisher had access to the the art work through the internet and from the similarities between the cover page and the blog post. The rationale behind this is that given the sufficient opportunity that the defendant had to copy the plaintiff’s work in addition to the striking similarity between the two works, the evidence in hand is indicative of copyright infringement.
  • Improper Appropriation: The act is actually infringing in nature – There is substantial similarity between the two works and the book was published 2 years after the sketch was posted on the internet.

The artist Deva signs his sketches in a particular way and there is evidence thus in all his artworks. This work of visual art can be identified thus by the signature of the author. However, the book cover did not have the signature in the location as in the original. Could we call this a safety measure from the publisher?

Even Google, which owns blogspot (where the blog was hosted), says that the content uploaded is still Deva’s own. “Some of our Services allow you to upload, submit, store, send or receive content. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, what belongs to you stays yours.”

Psst… Ennala post dhan poda mudiyum, varanjavanga dhan case podanum! What to do…

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

This is how it is scored

The tenth results were out that day. And there were interviews of the toppers – and what they wanted to become in their lives as they grew up – all over the TV. Well, first of all congratulations to the deserving students.

But there was this one instance of reality amidst those interviews to me. One of those creme schools have never failed to churn out atleast one topper year after year. I studied in that school for six months. Exactly half of an academic year. And that was all I was able to tolerate in that school. In case I had continued there, I might have been another State First, who knows? (comment courtesy, my Grandad)

Who knows, really! But does everyone know what is the process of teaching that goes into the production of such toppers?

First of all, good-scoring and bright students are identified and selected in the fag end of 8th or starting of 9th standard.

Along with the 9th standard text books students are made to buy the 10th syllabus books the previous year itself.

10th standard portions are taught two years in advance.

The selected creme students are given special class and made to put in more hours in study than the average ones. (unlike the usual trend wherein a student who finds it difficult to cope with studies being given special attention)

The revision exams start as early as quarterly/half early in the 9th standard. Hence by just attending these exams you will be able to blurt out answers even when woken from sleep.

10th standard students are forbidden from taking part in cultural activities.

Students are offered hostel facilities during that crucial year.

When I was in 8th, my fellow students thought that I should feel privileged that I will be one among those taking special classes.

Why are students subjected to this torture? There is a promise the school management gives to parents that they will make sure their ward will get greater than 1100 out of 1200 assuredly. What do the schools gain out of it – increased probability of a state rank, name and fame to the school.

And once the results are out, the Correspondent will give a talk to the press and media, the script being written down by the school’s English teacher, and proof read by a student, probably. It happened back in those days, I wonder if it does even now.

I heard that 499 is the first mark out of 500, I wonder whether the new aim is to get 501?

– Until next,
Vid 🙂

A little Imagination

They say travel is glamorous only in retrospect. Maybe so. Because we rush doing things in the present that the actual experience is invariably recollected and nourished only. But what if we are able to retrospect in the middle of the travel!

I had been to a four day trip to Kerala, when things were not really looking up with respect to my daily life. It was Day2 in the Kondai Lip resort. Let me give a description of the place to you. It is something of an island, a few cottages surrounded by backwaters on all sides. A pond right in front of our room and benches along its brim.

I really needed time alone and was looking out for a spot to settle down. Cottage porch- strike out; pond benches – strike out (they were wet); dining area – strike out; I finally settled on a slanting coconut tree after checking for bugs.

When I was staring at the full moon and thinking of the ways of the universe, Sarayu came along and volunteered to narrow it down for me. It was pitch dark and I was already seeing mirages. We slowly started talking. First, it was the plops of fish, then the croak of frogs. Then we saw men in dhothis rowing boats, a bevy of swans and then that pink flamingo, gracefully standing with one leg up in the waters, patiently waiting to pick its meal. Or maybe it wanted some alone time, just like I did? Not really sure.

A little ahead of the canal was a strip of land lined with trees. I was trying to figure out the tallest tree. She said the farthest, but I thought that could be parallax error. And then further ahead was this mansion… her mansion. A house flanked by tall coconut trees, I think it was the backside facing the waters. You enter through the front which connects to the road, maybe has a car park. As you cross the living room there is a spiral staircase winding up. You take it and reach the master bedroom. Shall I say, the master mattress room, more likely. It is a room that has been plush-carpeted and nil-furnished; where you can lie down with a book or have a chat over a coffee, facing the canal behind. Music in low volume would have been really nice.

“What’s the time? Oops… its 2 already.” “I think we should go in and catch some sleep… atleast for tomorrow’s sakes.” And all the visions vanished in thin air, as we trailed back to our room.


– Until next,

Vid 🙂

Tailing the Donkey

My school management had decided that us high school students need to have some professional / soft skills training to cope up with the outside world back then. So we used to have a trainer from outside come and coach us certain weekends. And those classes used to be fun and interactive.

During one such class, the trainer wanted to play a game called “tailing the donkey”. She asked a few of the students to volunteer to demonstrate the game. So a few of us went and stood in a line. Then she hung a drawing of a tailless donkey on the blackboard. She said we all have to draw a tail to the donkey when our turn came. Sounds easy, isn’t it!

Well, there was a catch. When the first person moved forward to pick a chalk and draw, the trainer pulled him back and said he should do the task blindfolded. She handed him a scarf and he tied it to his eyes. Should I even describe how off the mark the tail was? The entire class had a good laugh.

Then the second person went forward, took the scarf and blindfolded himself, and went on to draw the tail. His tail was very close to the target that the rest of us actually clapped for him. Thus the line went on, and it was finally my turn. I didn’t get why the trainer sniggered at me while I took the scarf from her. I was puzzled, but I didn’t understand or react. I went to draw, and was the last in line. Once an activity is completed, we will generally discuss what is the take away from the activity, and that day I was guessing something in the lines of importance of observing. You know what the trainer said? “I didn’t say anyone but the first person to blindfold himself! Why did you take all the pains to?”

It was obvious we all had faces red with shame. But to think of it, not just while tailing the donkey, but even in our day to day activities, we all blindly follow instructions; or simply do what we see other people do, irrespective of its necessity to us, or the outcome. During these times, we get too lazy to think or question. To me it was a lesson well learnt, no doubt about that.

– Until next,
Vid 🙂

The Legend of the Commuter’s Catatonia

Remember this scene in Aaytha Ezhuthu where Sidharth and Trisha will go round-trips in the same bus? Well this post, though similar, is not even remotely romantic. Of course, people who know me would be aware of it already.

In a single line, I travelled the same route in the same bus to and fro, three times (one and a half times to be precise).

To be a little more explanative, I was so exhausted that I friggin’ slept off thus didn’t alight at the bus stop when I had to.

Ok fine, I will tell the whole thing. I was just one week into work and three days of office bus routine. We used to have bus shuttles at 5.30 PM, 7.30 PM and 8.45 PM. My manager used to make sure I have work atleast till 5.40 that I invariably miss the first shuttle, Then he would say, “now you can work for 2 more hours!”, with the same old sadistic smile that is always stuck to his face during such conversations. “I know, how lovely!” I can’t tell that loud though, how sad 😦

So one fine day (not so fine, you will know by the end of this story), my manager is not around and I don’t have much work to do, I decided to take the 5.30 bus. My bus usually takes the Tambaram route and then goes to Chromepet, which is kind of the last stop. The catch was, in the first shuttle, the Nanganallur bus goes upto Chromepet, not the Tambaram bus. Like I am to know that! Believe me, they are stark opposite routes and both are bloody convoluted which takes a solid one hour to reach home.

So I saw this lady I have seen on the first 2 days, and boarded the same bus (she gets down at Tambaram!) And I took a corner seat. And I dozed off. Of course, I was very careful to check midway with squint eyes where I was -somewhere near Selaiyur. Good. Ten more minutes, a short nap would be fine, I said to myself.

When I woke up again, I could see Kamakshi Hospital which is the next signal to my office on the same road. I wondered why, still groggy from the sleep. I went to ask the bus driver what was happening and then the truth hit me! The bus has come back to office after dropping all (well, almost all) the associates. The bus turned into my office campus and I got down. It was time for the next bus shuttle and so I slowly tiptoed (most important thing was I should not get noticed as the one who just got down from the bus) into the bay where they check your bus passes and tell you the bus numbers, and asked, “Chromepet ku endha bus number anna? ” Thus I got into the correct bus, which apparently went again all the way via Tambaram and what an achievement it was to get down at my bus stop and get back home 🙂 🙂

P.S: This secret is known only to me. Even my Dad and Mom don’t know. You might argue that the bus driver will know anyhow. There lies my ingenuity. I told him I forgot something important at office and will take the next bus back home. Psst, he didn’t even guess I might have dozed off!

P.P.S: My Grandad asked me when I got home if I had some misfortune that day. When I asked why, he said that I had Chandrashtamam. Now these are bad days that will strike you once a month according to your astrological signs. I have a strong guess what it might be, but it is taboo to talk here.

P.P.P.S: I had a serious urge to rewrite the story and include dead bobcats in it, but seriously who has heard of bobcats in Chennai :O

P.P.P.P.S: When I said legend in the title, I meant it. No part of this story is true.

P.P.P.P.P.S: I tried my level-best to get upto 7 post scripts and beat Jenny Lawson. Urghhh, 5 was all I could do.

P.P.P.P.P.S: Ok, 6!

– Until next,
Vid 🙂

Being Stupid

Sometimes we notice these patterns around us. A phenomenon happening at random appeals to us because we have something relevant in our mind. Yesterday the same thing might have been dancing in front of us and we would not have given it a glance. Such a thing happened to me in the form of a word – stupid. This word caught on like a meme on FB and suddenly I saw it everywhere – eavesdropping bus conversations, communities’ threads, friendly gossips, articles and so on.

Below is just my thought process on the same.

Who exactly is a stupid?

Stupid as per dictionary is a person lacking intelligence. But to think of it, stupid might not be a person; it has more to do with their action or reaction to a particular situation.

I used to think that the more knowledgeable and academically stronger we are, the wiser. You can blame it on my acquaintances with people with Masters degree, double PhDs, rank holders, geeks and nerds. Graduates from IIT -> Anna University/MIT -> PSG/GCT/CIT types -> affiliated colleges in Chennai -> any other affiliated college: this was the hierarchy of respect that we used to have back in college days. Thus, when I got to know of this person whom I imagined to be an MBA-from-a-big-university types fellow just because he made sense always while talking to, was wise and well – informed, turned out not even to be a graduate, you will not know how my ego got shattered.

Who can call someone stupid?

I had noticed the usage of this word with atleast a minuscule of sympathy for the ignorant person, though they are being a victim essentially. When exactly did this transform into a sarcastic outburst of name calling and humiliating someone at their face, I have no idea. That said, telling “I will go to the end of the world to prove that you are stupid” to someone definitely falls under the ‘being mean’ category.

Can I say safely that, there is a need to understand this – at any point of time or place, there will be a crowd dumber or wiser than you.

Is it good or bad to be stupid?

It is not a crime to be ignorant .Someone has the right to not know something that the others know. Of course it should not stop us from learning or understanding something new that we did not know yesterday. So, maybe it is not exactly bad or good to be stupid.

Being absurd maybe offensive. Like an educated man asking an illiterate to correct his grammar. But stupidity is merely not knowing.

“Stupid is as stupid does” – Forrest Gump.

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

You cannot force them

It was only three months ago, during a conversation with our beloved admin, that I told her: of course, I still find time to sing and write in between my work. And I had a hint of pride in my voice that day. I really don’t believe in the concept of having no time. To quote a dear friend, if we really need to do it, we will find time to.

But it has been a lousy October for me. It has been three weeks since I sang; nearly a month since I wrote something. When I tried to change this situation, when I tried to force myself to get back to writing a couple of lines (just like now) or to bray a song or two, I realised this. I realised that you can never force art; you can never force creativity out of someone.

So I decided to stop it all. But again, you cannot force them.

And it is an irony that I write this on Vijayadasami, a day when I am supposed to revamp my skills.

– Vid.

Karumai nira Kanna

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club’s CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG where some of us will write a post on the colors of VIBGYOR each day starting 1st of September to the 7th of September.

The color theme for today’s post is INDIGO. Indigo, google says is karuneelam; and what better representation of the color than Krishna?

On seeing Shobana’s dance recital posters, I wanted to do a song dedication to Krishna, Krishna Jayanthi special! Here goes:

கண்ணல்லவோ – ஊத்துக்காடு வேங்கட சுப்பையர்
ராகம் :

கண்ணல்லவோ (ஸ்வாமி) கார்மேனி கட்டழகா நீ எந்தன் (கண்ணல்லவோ)

வண்ண மலர் போலும் சின்னஞ்சிறு பெண்கள் வந்து வந்து நகைப்பதை பாராய்
பண்ணரும் குழலூதிடும் பிள்ளாய் இங்கிதமோ தகுமோ சொல்லாய் எண்ணமொடு சினமாவது தள்ளாய் என்னெதிரில் முத்தம் தர நில்லாய் (கண்ணல்லவோ)

கொய் மலர் நீல குவளை விழியாலே வையாது வைகின்ற கண்ணா
கையளவு வெண்ணை தந்தால் மெய்யவும் போதாதென்று பைய பைய வாதாடுறாய் அய்யய்யய்ய அய்யா நீ (கண்ணல்லவோ)

ஓய்ச்சல் ஒழிவில்லாது உன் காவல் செய்தால் ஊராரென்ன சொல்வாரோ கண்ணா
ஆய்ச்சியர்கள் முன்னே வந்து கூச்சலிட்டுப் போனார்கள் பேச்சென்ன இனிமேலே சேச்சே சேச்சே சே (கண்ணல்லவோ)

Aínt you the darling of my eyes, the dark bodied Krishna!

Don’t you see a bunch of colorful pretty girls giggling at you! You, who play beautiful tunes in your flute, please let go of your anger and come here, give me a kiss please…

With eyes round like the freshly plucked kuvalai flowers, you chide, but you don’t mean it; not content with a handful of butter, you argue for more.

Keeping a watchful eye on you is a tiring job in itself; and Shepherdess come and yell at me for all that mischief you do. Better not to talk to me!

Below is TN Seshagopalan’s rendition of the song in youtube.


– Until next,

Vid 🙂

Peace of Award

After raking my brains for nearly two weeks, I finally know what I am going to write for this award post. First and foremost, thanks a million Bragadeesh Prasanna for tagging me here, you are such a dear as always!

So what do I make of this award? I thought the giver wished me with Inner Peace and wants to know my opinion on when and what gives me peace of mind.

What does Inner Peace mean to me? This was the trickiest part. Truth is, I had no clues. As usual, I went to Google-anandha for answers; did not be of faintest help, it only confused me if at all. Then I thought of Kungfu Panda and a post in those lines. Hehe… sounded pathetic even in my mind. Two of my best pals used to tell me to come to peace with myself; a phrase I have munched and masticated all these days but never have been able to digest.

And finally the answer dawned on to me! It should have been dancing (rather singing) in front of my face for qutie sometime, and I had failed to notice. Music. Not just ‘telling my hobby is listening to music and having a playlist’ kind of music. But good music. To be even more specific, listening to good music. When singing gives me adrenalin, listening to music can set me at peace.When I am agitated, or whatever state of mind I am in, it can bring me back to normalcy.


I would like to pass this on the following people and hope they write about it.










Thanks Brags, guess now you know what inner peace means to me:)

– Unitl next,

Vid 🙂

Train Chronicles – 1

The train was nearly empty. At one corner window seats, two people were sitting opposite to each other – one was our hero and another fellow, supposedly a railway employee, from the looks of the ID card peeking out of his shirt pocket.

Our hero started a light conversation, “Anand varalaingala inniku?”


“Railway quarters Tambaram-lendhu indha train la dhan varuvaaru. Avarum namma railway union dhanungale!”

“Theriyaliye..” Which is exactly when the ticket checker chose to enter the scene. Our hero diligently produced his ticket.

Ticket checker said, “Enna sir idhu  Tambaram lendhu Trichy  vara nu potrukku ticket la?”

“Aama sir naan Trichy dhan poganum, Chozhan express la…”

“Pinna indha pakkam porenga?”

“Egmore la poi seat pidikkanume, adhukku dhan…”

“Appo Egmore ku ticket enga?”

“Naan poga vendiyadhu Tambaram lendhu Trichy dhanga… Enna en veedu Tambaram… Seat pidikka mattum dhan naan Egmore poren…”

“Neenga 2 thappu pannirukkenga. 1 – First class la yeri irukkenga. 2 – neenga ticket vechirukka direction lendhu edhir direction la porenga… So, neenga Egmore vara ticket eduthutu, anga poi Trichy vara ticket edukkanum, purinjudha!”

“Ada ponga sir puriyama pesurengale… Tambaram lendhu Trichy porathukku edhukku Egmore vara ticket edukkanum?!”

“Station vandhuduchu konjam erangarengala… Fine kattanum!”

Indha azhagula, namma hero-vukku railway employee pola bandha vera!

– Until next,

Vid 🙂


My relative had written a tamizh poem and we were discussing it. The poem had a reference to how 14 parts of your body touches the ground when you prostrate in front of God. I had to ask, “male-chauvenism even in falling at feet?” FYI, atleast in Tambrahm ways, men fall entire stretch while women fall knees folded.

Dont worry, I am not going to talk about the usual male-female discrimination here. But I certainly believe that falling at someone’s feet should be the choice of each individual. Be it the wifey doing it to the husband (or vice-versa like in Piriyamanavale movie!) is a mark of respect and love that person has to their partner. Which means that it is again their choice to do so. What rights do these people around you have to ask a bride to fall at the groom’s feet during a wedding! :O

I used to attend a lot of music competitions in school. One such time, when I was declared winner in a particular category, we were asked to attend the annual function of that Sabha and the prizes will be given there. On the day, just before going to the dias, everyother elder on back stage told us… correction, compelled us to get blessings from the person who is giving away prizes. I was shocked for a minute. Then I realized that this fellow was some spiritual guru in saffron robes! 😦 Fine, but why compel? I wonder…

There used to be this temple near home that I used to visit often. An uncle there (he is no more) used to bless all the devotees coming to the temple. I have never felt a hesitation on getting his blessings ever, reason being I know him fairly well, and for sure can vouch that he will wish only well for me. And again, as it is customary in my music class, we used to sevichu-fy the teacher every class – again something acceptable because these people know better than us and are giving us their knowledge.

Whereas on this other occasion, there was a family function. There were all this relatives, cousins of previous generations and their family, all present. And right before the end, all the kids were asked to prostrate in front of all the elders! I did not even know half of them by name. So I silently tried to escape. But I was kind of forced to, and I did not want to make a fuss. But what went through my mind when I fell was – are they actually blessing me!?

Fall at the Feet :P
Fall at the Feet 😛

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

Vid’s life in 6 words

Now that is definitely a challenge… To describe your life in 6 words, and to look back at it sometime later and not regret it… Atleast that is what I percieved out of the videos and reading on the net.

This post has been published as a part of ‘CBC’s Six-Word Memoir Tag’. Read previous post by Prashanth here. Prash is an Engineer by force; Techie by choice; Writer by passion; (Decent) Singer by voice; Orator by speech; Mainframe techie; Loves Warsteiner (beer); AP(E) by nick; Dreamer by sleep; Blogger by chance and altogether fun !!


Well, in 6 words, my Life is a


Thanks to all who have been a part of creating my Harmony; or Pandemonium; or both!!! ahem, lol, thanks a million 😀 🙂 ❤

6 word memoir

Next comes Gils’ post. Someone whom I am honored to introduce …
He is the tigers empty cage; the mysterys final page; the strangers lonely glance; the heros only chance; the undiscovered land; the single grain of sand; the christmas morning toy; the gin in the gin-soaked boy… Okay that is what he calls himself.

Gils has been blogging for nearly 8 years now (oops) and his trademark is his humor and wit, I feel. He is known for his timing witty comments / posts whatever be it, and we at CBC chellama call him the “Humor King” 😀 At the sametime, I don’t think there is anyone he knows whom he has never been cursed by, because he teased them sometime somewhere… no no, all the time, everywhere… So you better be careful there! Over to Gils!

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

To rationalize Fears

It all started with a conversation, as usual, and Harish told this phrase in passing. It got me, and I have been trying to assimilate it since then.

Fear is an emotion that is inevitable in all of us. We are afraid of the unknown, the uncertainity and sometimes even when things happen the way as is expected to. Fear is also the notification that we get to be cautious, and is necessary as well.

We humans have been pacifying fear of anything by converting it into a worshippable entity. The sun, heavenly bodies, rivers, sea, trees, great men, have all been God-personified at various times. Maybe that is where the term God-fearing came into practice.

But it does not stop just there. How much ever civilized we get, we still have something or the other to still be afraid of. Will I get accepted by my people for whatever I do? Will this thing happen just as I want it to? What if my efforts don’t fruit? What if it is not worth the risk? Being scared of cockroaches / lizards / scorpions / teachers / bosses / death… So all our negative energy is from fear; if we are to understand our fear, then we can lead a more happy life (quoting Harish here.) How true!

But sometimes, fear gets over-rated. It stops us from doing productive stuff. It is at this time we need to put a break and figure out what went wrong. I would say, first try to list a description of the thing that scares you. Then, why would it be a cause of fear to you. And finally what can be done to overcome it. However, there are these things tht are inevitable and cannot be overcome, which is when we got to learn to live with it.

Say, I fear publishing a certain post, afraid of what my fellow bloggers might think of me if they read it. It might be because there are people around who are waiting to pounce upon and comment the moment I post it; it might also be because my post is not all that worthy.


I was reminded of this sentence from Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. The heroine, in a problematic – situation, would try to remember the solution instead of thinking of one; first believing that there exists an answer to this problem, makes it much more easier to find it, as per the book.

Idhallam sollarthukku nalla dhan irukku la!?

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

On ‘trans’it…

Few days ago, I had the necessity to travel by the MRTS train. Boarded it at Thiruvanmyur station and inspite of a good frequency of trains at that time, the compartment was crowded. There was this empty space near the entrance opposite to the one where the platforms usually come. I was surprised why the place was not filled, when elsewhere was totally jam-packed.

I meandered throught he crowd and went and stood there. Only then did I know why it was spacious. Apparently two trans-genders were sitting on either side and hence nobody dared to go nearby. It pained to know that people are that narrow minded. When you do not treat a fellow human being like one, what is the point in talking about values and virtues?!

That momentary thought vanished as a sound distracted me. One of them started demanding me for money. I agree I’ll respect them, but whomsoever be it has no rights to demand… mind you, not request… demand you for money. Why would I give, just to avoid the ruckus they create is it? Nevermind. I just stood still without heeding to that cursing. Well, almost not heeding. What started as blessings for a good life, slowly and gradually turned out to be pure abuses and curses on the same life that few statements before should have been prosperous (provided, all blessings turn to reality, I mean).

Finally, mouth parched, they gave up begging and turned to each other to chat. Despite the physical difference, this particular person in discussion had made it a point to look presentable. Hair neatly trimmed into a boy cut; slim fit blouse; a matching black beaded-chain on the neck; design bindi and even a tinge of makeup was visible.

Reminded me of another train journey. Mid morning and not many in the ladies compartment; I took a window seat, stretched my legs to the opposite seat, while the entire line of 12 seats near me were empty. Then in the next station, someone boarded the train, directly sat down near the entrance, when the entire train was empty. I took my legs off the opposite seat and signalled that they can occupy any of those empty seats. That was a transgender again, and the person had a facial expression that said that they rarely recieved an act of compassion from us. And inspite of offering the seat, the person went and sat down near the entrance.


I do not know whether they fear humiliation, or accept it; or why is that we treat them like untouchables. Knowing all this, it is not really logical when you get to hear that these people are considered a blessing during weddings. Come on, is there no rationale?!

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

How would you react

I chanced upon this conversation between two friends:

“How would you react if I told you I was a lesbian. Of course it is hypothetical, but still wanted to know what people would say.”

“I would say – so what, you are still a human being…”

“Really? I liked the reply…”

“Oh, come on… its not like you asked me out or something… if so, I would have told you I am straight, sorry!”

“Haha!! Of course…”

“See, if a boy and a girl who are both straight can have a platonic relationship, then why not this… Simple logic… Its like wishing someone Happy Valentine’s day or asking them to be your Valentine. They are essentially not the same.”

“I love you!”

“I love you too!!”

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

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