“Hear, hear” and the clinking of a glass is what we can relate to, the moment one talks about a Toast, thanks to English movies. Well it does have a relevance and a difference with what I am going to write about. The relevance is, the name toastmasters was adopted from the event, where one toasts and then gives a speech during weddings. The difference is everything else.

Somehow or the other, until a month ago I had ignored every invitation I got for any Toastmasters’ club meeting. Either because of timings or just that I seldom access that mailbox. One such event I went to because my sister’s friend nagged me to.

First session, as an audience, it looked like some church proceedings full of formalities. Still, I managed to walk in to a few more – and now I have already won an extempore talk, organised a part of the session and even delivered a “prepared” speech.

One needs some getting used to the jargon, initially. Then things will start to fall in place. Like it did for me. I also got acquainted to a new bunch of people, all united by the will to come out and speak / lead. More your friends, the merrier, ain’t it?

Another good thing is, one gets a lot of opportunities to do a variety of things. This includes anything from keeping time, introducing people, observing speech patterns, extempore and prepared speaking, evaluating those speeches, and overall governing. The club gives unique names for all these task doers and collectively calls them “role players”. And these roles can be assigned to different members during different sessions. One thing is definite – you will get to talk.


That is all for now. Looking forward to more interesting time with the club; so I shall write soon. Thanks, CSC Chennai Chapter Toastmasters!

– Until next,

Vid 🙂