The tenth results were out that day. And there were interviews of the toppers – and what they wanted to become in their lives as they grew up – all over the TV. Well, first of all congratulations to the deserving students.

But there was this one instance of reality amidst those interviews to me. One of those creme schools have never failed to churn out atleast one topper year after year. I studied in that school for six months. Exactly half of an academic year. And that was all I was able to tolerate in that school. In case I had continued there, I might have been another State First, who knows? (comment courtesy, my Grandad)

Who knows, really! But does everyone know what is the process of teaching that goes into the production of such toppers?

First of all, good-scoring and bright students are identified and selected in the fag end of 8th or starting of 9th standard.

Along with the 9th standard text books students are made to buy the 10th syllabus books the previous year itself.

10th standard portions are taught two years in advance.

The selected creme students are given special class and made to put in more hours in study than the average ones. (unlike the usual trend wherein a student who finds it difficult to cope with studies being given special attention)

The revision exams start as early as quarterly/half early in the 9th standard. Hence by just attending these exams you will be able to blurt out answers even when woken from sleep.

10th standard students are forbidden from taking part in cultural activities.

Students are offered hostel facilities during that crucial year.

When I was in 8th, my fellow students thought that I should feel privileged that I will be one among those taking special classes.

Why are students subjected to this torture? There is a promise the school management gives to parents that they will make sure their ward will get greater than 1100 out of 1200 assuredly. What do the schools gain out of it – increased probability of a state rank, name and fame to the school.

And once the results are out, the Correspondent will give a talk to the press and media, the script being written down by the school’s English teacher, and proof read by a student, probably. It happened back in those days, I wonder if it does even now.

I heard that 499 is the first mark out of 500, I wonder whether the new aim is to get 501?

– Until next,
Vid 🙂