My school management had decided that us high school students need to have some professional / soft skills training to cope up with the outside world back then. So we used to have a trainer from outside come and coach us certain weekends. And those classes used to be fun and interactive.

During one such class, the trainer wanted to play a game called “tailing the donkey”. She asked a few of the students to volunteer to demonstrate the game. So a few of us went and stood in a line. Then she hung a drawing of a tailless donkey on the blackboard. She said we all have to draw a tail to the donkey when our turn came. Sounds easy, isn’t it!

Well, there was a catch. When the first person moved forward to pick a chalk and draw, the trainer pulled him back and said he should do the task blindfolded. She handed him a scarf and he tied it to his eyes. Should I even describe how off the mark the tail was? The entire class had a good laugh.

Then the second person went forward, took the scarf and blindfolded himself, and went on to draw the tail. His tail was very close to the target that the rest of us actually clapped for him. Thus the line went on, and it was finally my turn. I didn’t get why the trainer sniggered at me while I took the scarf from her. I was puzzled, but I didn’t understand or react. I went to draw, and was the last in line. Once an activity is completed, we will generally discuss what is the take away from the activity, and that day I was guessing something in the lines of importance of observing. You know what the trainer said? “I didn’t say anyone but the first person to blindfold himself! Why did you take all the pains to?”

It was obvious we all had faces red with shame. But to think of it, not just while tailing the donkey, but even in our day to day activities, we all blindly follow instructions; or simply do what we see other people do, irrespective of its necessity to us, or the outcome. During these times, we get too lazy to think or question. To me it was a lesson well learnt, no doubt about that.

– Until next,
Vid 🙂