Remember this scene in Aaytha Ezhuthu where Sidharth and Trisha will go round-trips in the same bus? Well this post, though similar, is not even remotely romantic. Of course, people who know me would be aware of it already.

In a single line, I travelled the same route in the same bus to and fro, three times (one and a half times to be precise).

To be a little more explanative, I was so exhausted that I friggin’ slept off thus didn’t alight at the bus stop when I had to.

Ok fine, I will tell the whole thing. I was just one week into work and three days of office bus routine. We used to have bus shuttles at 5.30 PM, 7.30 PM and 8.45 PM. My manager used to make sure I have work atleast till 5.40 that I invariably miss the first shuttle, Then he would say, “now you can work for 2 more hours!”, with the same old sadistic smile that is always stuck to his face during such conversations. “I know, how lovely!” I can’t tell that loud though, how sad 😦

So one fine day (not so fine, you will know by the end of this story), my manager is not around and I don’t have much work to do, I decided to take the 5.30 bus. My bus usually takes the Tambaram route and then goes to Chromepet, which is kind of the last stop. The catch was, in the first shuttle, the Nanganallur bus goes upto Chromepet, not the Tambaram bus. Like I am to know that! Believe me, they are stark opposite routes and both are bloody convoluted which takes a solid one hour to reach home.

So I saw this lady I have seen on the first 2 days, and boarded the same bus (she gets down at Tambaram!) And I took a corner seat. And I dozed off. Of course, I was very careful to check midway with squint eyes where I was -somewhere near Selaiyur. Good. Ten more minutes, a short nap would be fine, I said to myself.

When I woke up again, I could see Kamakshi Hospital which is the next signal to my office on the same road. I wondered why, still groggy from the sleep. I went to ask the bus driver what was happening and then the truth hit me! The bus has come back to office after dropping all (well, almost all) the associates. The bus turned into my office campus and I got down. It was time for the next bus shuttle and so I slowly tiptoed (most important thing was I should not get noticed as the one who just got down from the bus) into the bay where they check your bus passes and tell you the bus numbers, and asked, “Chromepet ku endha bus number anna? ” Thus I got into the correct bus, which apparently went again all the way via Tambaram and what an achievement it was to get down at my bus stop and get back home πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

P.S: This secret is known only to me. Even my Dad and Mom don’t know. You might argue that the bus driver will know anyhow. There lies my ingenuity. I told him I forgot something important at office and will take the next bus back home. Psst, he didn’t even guess I might have dozed off!

P.P.S: My Grandad asked me when I got home if I had some misfortune that day. When I asked why, he said that I had Chandrashtamam. Now these are bad days that will strike you once a month according to your astrological signs. I have a strong guess what it might be, but it is taboo to talk here.

P.P.P.S: I had a serious urge to rewrite the story and include dead bobcats in it, but seriously who has heard of bobcats in Chennai :O

P.P.P.P.S: When I said legend in the title, I meant it. No part of this story is true.

P.P.P.P.P.S: I tried my level-best to get upto 7 post scripts and beat Jenny Lawson. Urghhh, 5 was all I could do.

P.P.P.P.P.S: Ok, 6!

– Until next,
Vid πŸ™‚