Location – Computer Science Block, second floor

Participants – namma hero V, a girl who is celebrating her birthday today, FS (Floor Supervisor), FS gang’s leader

Before commencing, it is mandatory to say a word or two about these FS. They are basically the rowdies you see in movies, but just clean-shaven, attired in starched white shirt and black trousers.

V was walking along the corridor with his usual I-have-no-clues-where-I’m-heading look in his eyes and a casual strut.

FS: Thambi, lace seriya katla! Class ku porathukku munnadi seri senjutu po pa.

V: (Imsa pa ivanungaloda…) Hmmm seri…

When V was busy tying lace, a girl just walked past him. But as things always don’t happen that simple, she walked back to him. She handed V a chocolate bar from the box she was carrying.

V: Why? (with a scared and quizzical look)

Girl: Because today is my birthday! Wait a minute, you belong to my class only right? (like it makes a difference, since talking is prohibited anyways.)

FS: Thambi, innum nee classroom kulla polaya. Enna anga pechu, girls-boys pesa kudadhu nu unakku theriyadha.

V: Enna sir, oru chocolate dhane. Naan vera inniku lunch sapadla. Marubadiyum karappanpoochi irundhuchu. Please oru vaati vitrunga.

FS: Enna pa kalaikariya. Idhellam seri varadhu. ID card kodu, mathadha aprom paathukkalam.

Now, to explain the ritual called taking away the ID card. These people devised an ingenious method that whenever you enter the college without ID (forgotten/stolen/confiscated from you like in this case) you need to pay fine. Since a confiscated ID card is mostly impossible to get back, you end up paying fine forever, or writing an apology letter and getting the card back and paying fine through all this drama which might take months.

That was when V realized his phone was vibrating in his pocket. FS seemed to have realized as much.

FS: Phone ah kodu pa thambi.

V: Balance illa sir.

FS gang oda leader (who enters the scene by then): Poda dei… Poi apology letter ezhudhi eduthutu va. Aprom phone lam thirumba kedaikadhu. Parents kootitu vandhe na SIM vena thirumbi tharadha pathi yosikkalam. Ahem, idhukkum fine sethu kattidu, illana hall ticket prachanai aidum paathuko.

(to the girl) Neeyum apology letter ezhudhidu ma. Solla marandhutene – Happy Birthday.

Classmate: (whispers to V) Machi dark room la adi vangama thappichaye nu sandhosa pattuko!

– Until next,