It was a phase of life when I firmly believed no human being is trustworthy and all menfolk are complete *******s. But nice things do happen at times, you see.

So this day, last year there was a tamizh post I chanced upon and commented on it and thus learnt the word used for comment. Little did I know that the tiny feedback would give rise to a beautiful bond that I share with you today. I would say that the friendship has come a long way – and stop feigning to understand the phrase, because you have used the same twice in your blog already, in the same context.

I don’t know if you will ever have anything nice to tell about me. But you have complained that I don’t. So here goes:

You are the best I know in narrating stories; narrating anything for that matter.
You lie so well, but beware I know when you lie.
When you are at it, you go out of the way to make someone happy.
You sing passionately; when you sing, I mean.
Your memory on both good and bad, is impeccable.
You have a knack at capturing moments; especially my lousy poses.

Here is to all the insane, wise, happy, quarreling, daring, depressing times we had. Cheers!

Btw, I put the title ‘whatever’ just to annoy you πŸ™‚ ❀

– Ever the best of friends,

Vid πŸ™‚