It was only three months ago, during a conversation with our beloved admin, that I told her: of course, I still find time to sing and write in between my work. And I had a hint of pride in my voice that day. I really don’t believe in the concept of having no time. To quote a dear friend, if we really need to do it, we will find time to.

But it has been a lousy October for me. It has been three weeks since I sang; nearly a month since I wrote something. When I tried to change this situation, when I tried to force myself to get back to writing a couple of lines (just like now) or to bray a song or two, I realised this. I realised that you can never force art; you can never force creativity out of someone.

So I decided to stop it all. But again, you cannot force them.

And it is an irony that I write this on Vijayadasami, a day when I am supposed to revamp my skills.

– Vid.