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I was taken to writing to this post after reading this Facebook note titled “Of Evolved Apes and its Rapes”. It was very well written and there is no need for a woman to be a feminist if guys can have such an attitude (please note that I am not talking about a female chauvinist).

Why are women always the victims of rape and molestation? How much ever you argue and rationalize on news articles, debates, facebook, blogs and what not, in the end it boils down to just one thing. There is a possibility of permanent damage for the woman involved and not the man. That, unfortunately is something irreversible. And hence people took up to protecting the treasure called woman and ended up caging them with restrictions. Don’t go out late, don’t work in night shifts, don’t wear revealing clothes, don’t socialize, don’t sneeze, don’t blink, and yeh and woh.

This inturn has led to a trend where in people believe that a guy can have a relationship before marriage and a girl cannot. But I just need clarity on whom the guy is going to have an affair with if all the girls are supposed to love only one guy, the husband. Okay, dear man, what is the state of the girl(/s) with whom you broke up? Who is going to answer for her? After all this I wonder why a girl thinks so much before agreeing to a proporsal. Duh!

As a result, the guy has to-find and woo the right girl the first time-and she accept it (stress on each phrase). During this conversation over coffee with colleagues, C1 said,”You know, this girl I know asked her friend out but he rejected it.” C2: “What is so wrong with him? Avale ketta othukka vendidhu dhaane! And this girl actually came out and asked? Eww how low could girls get these days!” I think that he has the right to say no, but the society brands her with the B-word 😦

It is easier to settle on arranged marriage to avoid all these problems it seems – something of an official dating service where parents joke about things that they otherwise scorn at. First she is made a doll in display, then she is set rules as to how to behave after marriage; but finally people say that the groom’s freedom is gone after marriage! Are you trying to say that she never had the freedom? :O

The color theme for today’s post is RED. And I am just saying STOP having cliches on women!

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Vid 🙂