This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club’s CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG where some of us will write a post on the colors of VIBGYOR each day starting 1st of September to the 7th of September.

The color theme for today’s post is GREEN.

“Green is a color that encourages us to want to own things and people, to collect and possess”.

Dad used to get frequent transfers and thus we had to keep shifting houses. In one such apartment, there were this family of an uncle, aunty and their daughter of seven years. She studied in the same school as I did, but she was not someone whom I preferred to mingle with, as she was one of these reserved single children who kept to themselves. Plus there was a decently huge age difference between us.

The only time when I had ever seen the girl excited was when their relative paid a visit. She ran to the gate and hugged and was pampered by the relative, that conveyed mutual affection and liking. It was a weekday but we had quarterly holidays, so the dads and uncles had gone to office. I was playing in the verandah, when I heard a commotion next door. The aunty was shouting at her daughter and the daughter had apparently been crying all the while because her eyes were blood shot.

“What kind of respect is that you are giving me, your mother, by being silent to my question? You better answer right now or else…”

“I don’t like what you gave … I liked only mami‘s.”

“How can you say that! Who is your mother here? Will your mami buy things for you everyday? You are my daughter and you have to obey my words …”

“You only asked me an answer…”

“You dare talk back to your mother? That too in front of the relatives … What will they think of me?? That I did not raise you properly …” And she went on in this fashion for another ten minutes and cried and stormed into the kitchen. It was then I saw the kid silently sobbing and joining hands in prayer and murmuring something.

The aunty came out again … “Oh my! Why are you crying? It is me who should cry. Did you know the day you were born they took you away from me and kept you in an incubator? They let me see you only after a couple of days! Avlo ellam kashta pattu valathuttu naan unna thittuvena? (after raising you with such difficulties, will I scold you ever?)”

She gave her daughter a tight hug and a teary kiss on the forehead and went back to the kitchen again.

I really do not know what the girl prayed for, but I wish with all my heart that it comes true!

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Vid 🙂