“Guruji, why are you singing like your teeth are chattering in cold?”

“That is called Brigha.”

“And when you go aaaaaaaaaa…… like when you have gone to the dentist and suffering a toothache?”

“Hmmm… Gamakkam.


“Both are ornamentations to music, say. Gamaka is oscillation of a note / swara to adjacent notes. From the current note, you can either take the previous note (nokku) or go to the next adjacent note (odukkal). Carnatic music uses more of the former while Hindustani uses more of the latter. [p.s: source Prince Rama Verma workshop].

Whereas, Bruga is speedy akarams; something like closely packed gamakas, with more flat notes in it.”

“So when I have tooth sensitivity, I can do either gamaka or briga?”

“!?!? (facepalm!)”

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Vid 🙂