After raking my brains for nearly two weeks, I finally know what I am going to write for this award post. First and foremost, thanks a million Bragadeesh Prasanna for tagging me here, you are such a dear as always!

So what do I make of this award? I thought the giver wished me with Inner Peace and wants to know my opinion on when and what gives me peace of mind.

What does Inner Peace mean to me? This was the trickiest part. Truth is, I had no clues. As usual, I went to Google-anandha for answers; did not be of faintest help, it only confused me if at all. Then I thought of Kungfu Panda and a post in those lines. Hehe… sounded pathetic even in my mind. Two of my best pals used to tell me to come to peace with myself; a phrase I have munched and masticated all these days but never have been able to digest.

And finally the answer dawned on to me! It should have been dancing (rather singing) in front of my face for qutie sometime, and I had failed to notice. Music. Not just ‘telling my hobby is listening to music and having a playlist’ kind of music. But good music. To be even more specific, listening to good music. When singing gives me adrenalin, listening to music can set me at peace.When I am agitated, or whatever state of mind I am in, it can bring me back to normalcy.


I would like to pass this on the following people and hope they write about it.










Thanks Brags, guess now you know what inner peace means to me:)

– Unitl next,

Vid πŸ™‚