The train was nearly empty. At one corner window seats, two people were sitting opposite to each other – one was our hero and another fellow, supposedly a railway employee, from the looks of the ID card peeking out of his shirt pocket.

Our hero started a light conversation, “Anand varalaingala inniku?”


“Railway quarters Tambaram-lendhu indha train la dhan varuvaaru. Avarum namma railway union dhanungale!”

“Theriyaliye..” Which is exactly when the ticket checker chose to enter the scene. Our hero diligently produced his ticket.

Ticket checker said, “Enna sir idhu  Tambaram lendhu Trichy  vara nu potrukku ticket la?”

“Aama sir naan Trichy dhan poganum, Chozhan express la…”

“Pinna indha pakkam porenga?”

“Egmore la poi seat pidikkanume, adhukku dhan…”

“Appo Egmore ku ticket enga?”

“Naan poga vendiyadhu Tambaram lendhu Trichy dhanga… Enna en veedu Tambaram… Seat pidikka mattum dhan naan Egmore poren…”

“Neenga 2 thappu pannirukkenga. 1 – First class la yeri irukkenga. 2 – neenga ticket vechirukka direction lendhu edhir direction la porenga… So, neenga Egmore vara ticket eduthutu, anga poi Trichy vara ticket edukkanum, purinjudha!”

“Ada ponga sir puriyama pesurengale… Tambaram lendhu Trichy porathukku edhukku Egmore vara ticket edukkanum?!”

“Station vandhuduchu konjam erangarengala… Fine kattanum!”

Indha azhagula, namma hero-vukku railway employee pola bandha vera!

– Until next,

Vid 🙂