My relative had written a tamizh poem and we were discussing it. The poem had a reference to how 14 parts of your body touches the ground when you prostrate in front of God. I had to ask, “male-chauvenism even in falling at feet?” FYI, atleast in Tambrahm ways, men fall entire stretch while women fall knees folded.

Dont worry, I am not going to talk about the usual male-female discrimination here. But I certainly believe that falling at someone’s feet should be the choice of each individual. Be it the wifey doing it to the husband (or vice-versa like in Piriyamanavale movie!) is a mark of respect and love that person has to their partner. Which means that it is again their choice to do so. What rights do these people around you have to ask a bride to fall at the groom’s feet during a wedding! :O

I used to attend a lot of music competitions in school. One such time, when I was declared winner in a particular category, we were asked to attend the annual function of that Sabha and the prizes will be given there. On the day, just before going to the dias, everyother elder on back stage told us… correction, compelled us to get blessings from the person who is giving away prizes. I was shocked for a minute. Then I realized that this fellow was some spiritual guru in saffron robes! 😦 Fine, but why compel? I wonder…

There used to be this temple near home that I used to visit often. An uncle there (he is no more) used to bless all the devotees coming to the temple. I have never felt a hesitation on getting his blessings ever, reason being I know him fairly well, and for sure can vouch that he will wish only well for me. And again, as it is customary in my music class, we used to sevichu-fy the teacher every class – again something acceptable because these people know better than us and are giving us their knowledge.

Whereas on this other occasion, there was a family function. There were all this relatives, cousins of previous generations and their family, all present. And right before the end, all the kids were asked to prostrate in front of all the elders! I did not even know half of them by name. So I silently tried to escape. But I was kind of forced to, and I did not want to make a fuss. But what went through my mind when I fell was – are they actually blessing me!?

Fall at the Feet :P
Fall at the Feet 😛

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