Mama woke me up telling we are all going to Mysore boo. Yeah!!!! I was going to see crocodiles and birds and tigers and lions… And Papa and Chithi were also coming. I ate porridge watching Chota Bheem. Then Papa gave me bath and Mama put on a new pink dress and pink hair band and matching chain. I thanked God for everything and fell down and prayed.

Then we started in car. Papa was driving the car and Chithi and Mama sang songs. The road was very beautiful and I saw cows, big building and color color flowers.

We stopped at a roadside tea shop where Papa went to buy water bottle. Mama and Chithi took me to the opposite grove and I saw many coconut trees. And I saw one… two… three cows. And the cows said maaa. Then Chithi showed so many lambs eating grass. They were white and black lamb also. The baby ran away but then went back to the mama lamb. One kind aunty got us a baby lamb. My mama held the baby lamb in her hands and we took photos. Then Mama gave baby lamb to Chithi. She held it and I patted and said Hi, how are you? Mama also took photos.

Then I slept all the way to Mysore. Mama woke me up to go for boating. There we waited in one long line and got into boat. The boatman said don’t touch the water, big big crocodiles come; there are eighty crocodiles in water! Then Chithi and Papa showed me three crocodiles. The crocodile was sitting on rock and it was opening its mouth and it was sleeping. Then we saw many many birds and cranes and pelican. But I wanted to see more crocodile and tiger and touch the water.thumb_COLOURBOX1274087

We wentimages one big round and got down the boat. After the the crocodile will close its mouth and wake up. Then it will jump into the water …. shhhhh …. and then it will get fully wet, and it will drink water. Then it will come out and bite you Papa, if you dont get me icecream. So Papa got me pink icecream and yellow icecream. So crocodile went back and saw the tiger and they became best friends. Then it will become caterpillar crocodile!

Mama said that we were going to goto waterfalls and Varsha will do chappi chappi in the water. Finally they took me to dam and showed me water falling (read as fountains). Then I slept on the way back home. And me, Mama, Papa and Chithi all got home happy-faced!!!! 🙂

– Until next,
Varsha (I mean, Vid 🙂 )