Now that is definitely a challenge… To describe your life in 6 words, and to look back at it sometime later and not regret it… Atleast that is what I percieved out of the videos and reading on the net.

This post has been published as a part of ‘CBC’s Six-Word Memoir Tag’. Read previous post by Prashanth here. Prash is an Engineer by force; Techie by choice; Writer by passion; (Decent) Singer by voice; Orator by speech; Mainframe techie; Loves Warsteiner (beer); AP(E) by nick; Dreamer by sleep; Blogger by chance and altogether fun !!


Well, in 6 words, my Life is a


Thanks to all who have been a part of creating my Harmony; or Pandemonium; or both!!! ahem, lol, thanks a million πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ ❀

6 word memoir

Next comes Gils’ post. Someone whom I am honored to introduce …
He is the tigers empty cage; the mysterys final page; the strangers lonely glance; the heros only chance; the undiscovered land; the single grain of sand; the christmas morning toy; the gin in the gin-soaked boy… Okay that is what he calls himself.

Gils has been blogging for nearly 8 years now (oops) and his trademark is his humor and wit, I feel. He is known for his timing witty comments / posts whatever be it, and we at CBC chellama call him the “Humor King” πŸ˜€ At the sametime, I don’t think there is anyone he knows whom he has never been cursed by, because he teased them sometime somewhere… no no, all the time, everywhere… So you better be careful there! Over to Gils!

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