It all started with a conversation, as usual, and Harish told this phrase in passing. It got me, and I have been trying to assimilate it since then.

Fear is an emotion that is inevitable in all of us. We are afraid of the unknown, the uncertainity and sometimes even when things happen the way as is expected to. Fear is also the notification that we get to be cautious, and is necessary as well.

We humans have been pacifying fear of anything by converting it into a worshippable entity. The sun, heavenly bodies, rivers, sea, trees, great men, have all been God-personified at various times. Maybe that is where the term God-fearing came into practice.

But it does not stop just there. How much ever civilized we get, we still have something or the other to still be afraid of. Will I get accepted by my people for whatever I do? Will this thing happen just as I want it to? What if my efforts don’t fruit? What if it is not worth the risk? Being scared of cockroaches / lizards / scorpions / teachers / bosses / death… So all our negative energy is from fear; if we are to understand our fear, then we can lead a more happy life (quoting Harish here.) How true!

But sometimes, fear gets over-rated. It stops us from doing productive stuff. It is at this time we need to put a break and figure out what went wrong. I would say, first try to list a description of the thing that scares you. Then, why would it be a cause of fear to you. And finally what can be done to overcome it. However, there are these things tht are inevitable and cannot be overcome, which is when we got to learn to live with it.

Say, I fear publishing a certain post, afraid of what my fellow bloggers might think of me if they read it. It might be because there are people around who are waiting to pounce upon and comment the moment I post it; it might also be because my post is not all that worthy.


I was reminded of this sentence from Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. The heroine, in a problematic – situation, would try to remember the solution instead of thinking of one; first believing that there exists an answer to this problem, makes it much more easier to find it, as per the book.

Idhallam sollarthukku nalla dhan irukku la!?

– Until next,

Vid 🙂