After a long time, getting back to the raga series. After Hindolam, the ragam I chose to write about is Karaharapriya, the first melakartha (parent) raga in my list as of now. Something that stuck me as a surprise is the fact that this raga has not been used by both Muthuswamy Dikshitar or Syama Sasthri, two of the Trinity of Carnatic Music. Only Thyagaraja has dealt with it in a lot of compositions.

Some of his and other songs in Karaharapriya are:

  • Chakkani Raja (Thyagaraja)
  • Rama Nee Samana Mevaru (Thyagaraja)
  • Pakkala Nilapadi (Thyagaraja)
  • Paramukhan Enayya (Papanasam Sivan)
  • Okkapari (Annamayya)

A rightly sung Karaharapriya is supposed to bring out the karuna rasa. It is the 22nd melakartha raga. The name Karaharapriya means “loved by Siva who slayed Khara the demon”. This raga is in use in various country Music such as Greece, Arabian, and in Paalai lands of Tamizh, says Prof. Janakiraman, musicologist.

Movie songs in this raga are a miscellaneous list…

  • Madhavi Ponmayilaal in Iru Malargal
  • Maharajan Ulagai Aalalaam in Karnan (not featured in  the movie)
  • Sangeetha Swarangal in Azhagan
  • Maapillaiku Maaman Manasu in Netri Kan
  • Poo Malarndhida in Tic Tic Tic

This really crazy song in Karaharapriya for you … Believe me, crazy is the word … the song features a loose ponnu and an ara loose doctor :P… plus the magic of (late) TMS!!

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