The first thing that Aarabhi generally gets related to, is the Gana Raga Pancharathnam – Sadhinchane O Manasa by Saint Thyagaraja. This raga is in vogue for more than 700 years it seems. And it is mostly associated with religious beginnings and hence sung in house-warming / wedding functions adhering to traditions.

The link has a Thiruppavai, Oongi Ulagalandha, a song which is usually sung in Aarabhi.

More kritis include Sri Saraswathi by Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Maragatha Manimaya by Oothukkadu Venkatasubayyar and Velava Vaa Adiye by Koteeswara Iyer. The raga is also used in many ragamalikas.

Okay now to the technical details. Aarabhi is a child raga of Sankarabaranam, the 29th melakartha. The scale goes thus:

Aarohanam: S R2 M1 P D2 S

Avarohanam: S N3 D2 P M G3 R2 S

This classic pure Aarabhi song Aerikkarayin Mele from the movie Mudhalali is one of the forerunners. The irony is this song has colloquial tamizh lyrics and still there is a seamleass blend.

Other movie songs include

  • Aadiyile Perukkeduthu – Radha
  • Brindavanamum – Missiyamma
  • Mannavane Mannavane – Thandhuvitten Ennai
  • Oh Sukumari – Anniyan (its apparent that it follows Sadhinchane, the Pancharathna keerthanai mentioned above, in the movie sequence)
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