A raga that is always pleasant to the ears, always attractive when sung, fit for a fast-paced or a vilamba kala (slow-paced) song, then it can be only Yaman Kalyani. The hindustani equivalent of Yaman Kalyani is called Yaman.

It has the same swara scale as its heavier classical counterpart, Kalyani. Mostly this raga is sung in madhyama sruthi.

Eventhough we call term it light, it does have some classic compositions to its credit. The raga as such has come across such an evolution in course of time. One of the compositions of Dikshitar, Jamboothveebhe has such a different flavor of Yaman Kalyani than the version of Annamacharya’s Bhavayami Gopala Palam as being sung today. Other krithis include Krishna Nee Begane by Purandara Dasar, Haridasulu Vetale by Thyagaraja…

The song that is rendered in the recording is a bhajan on Lord Rama.

The raga’s appeal has everything to do with it featuring in a big chunk of movie songs in all ages.

Isai Kettal Puvi – Thavappudhalvan

Anbil Malarndha Nal Roja – Kanavane Kankanda Deivam (is a perfect lullaby)

Then Sindhudhe Vaanam – Ponnuku Thanga Manasu

Yamunai Aatrile – Thalapathy

Mudhal Mudhalil Paarthen – Aaha

Varaga Nadhikkara Ooram – Sangamam (atleast the Pallavi is definitely influenced)

Katrin Mozhi – Mozhi

This really beautiful song from the hindi movie Chit Chor, sung by K.J. Yesudas, is a mellifluous rendering of Yaman.

For those who are interested, a link that gives very detailed history of Yaman Kalyani as a raga.

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