Okay for the first time I write a post as a working IT professional, or so it is called.

We all know that we are technologically advanced and computers do most of the work these days; every detail of ours is electronic, and they are all easy to be integrated.

All that said, have you wondered what would happen if something went wrong in the system, anywhere? Even as lay people, you would have encountered this statement in a super-market or a grocery store, say – “System crashed, Madam. Can I give you a hand-written bill?”

Now that is acceptable. Being the ever-tolerant Indian, we just say that it is not an issue, pick up the bill (which is anyways going to be thrown in a minute) and walk away.

I agree that even before the ‘computerised’ days there were errors. I remember dad telling that he would spend hours together on calculating for a book-adjustment. And it would have been a mistake of a simple addition in the end! But these issues should have essentially vanished, now that you don’t even have the need to use a calculator that often, right.

Okay, just imagine that we are giving a test for a getting diagnosed by a certain health issue, and you get diagnosed as a positive. And the diagnosis is wrong, due to a system error. Do you think it is acceptable? How do you think this can be validated in the first place?

An irritating thing in this is, that the ‘system’ cannot answer back. It is after all a vayilla thing designed by a human. Hence the same human happily passes on the blame to the system and sits back and relax. It is no more their fault. No, seriously, whom else do you blame? The designer? Developer? Tester? Support?

Worser still, is when the fault was not with the system. What if you fed the input to the ‘system’ wrongly? Purposefully, or otherwise, others will never know your intentions! And there is always a slave called the ‘system’ who will happily accept the blame and not talk back! And the conspirator can pass on the whole thing as a mere accident!!

Note to self – if even a line of coding is done, please remember that we shouldn’t give room to these wretched people to hide behind “system errors” to save their skins. We should be in a position then to pull them out and rip their skin off! (read as thola urikkanum avanungala ellam)

Photo courtesy – Vinod

There is a possibility that you are not able to make out what I am trying to say, if so, feelings mutual 😀

– Until next,

Vid 🙂