The floating log, that is me,
On the river, on your left,
I bounce, I float, I do not swim,
The current takes me adrift.

You bestow me with swimming prowess,
Now I can travel both ways, to and fro!
Against the current I do progress,
As I always wished to do.

Its beginner’s luck, and the first
Phase proves to be a worthy quest;
Then by obstacles I get whipped,
Finally my fins get chipped.

I am back to being the log of wood,
And I go adrift again;
The same length that I went up
Now me (and my efforts) down the drain.

‘Peryaatru neervazhip padooum punai pol
Aaruyil muraivazhip padooum’, they say.
How do I react when I get blessed
With fins a second time!

photo courtesy - Sandhya Menon
photo courtesy – Sandhya Menon

P.S: Manipravalam is allowed in poetry, why not Tanglish!

– Until next,
Vid πŸ™‚