“Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company” – Lord Byron.

We had a blogger meet in a cool place called the Zha (as in Tamizh Zha) Cafe. Before leaving, these people offered us post cards that can be addressed and posted to near and dear ones. Later on, people from the CBC (a blogger group I am associated with) took up to reviving the art of letter writing, wherein members exchanged addresses and posted letters.

On both these instances, my reaction in the start was, why would someone write letters when we have advanced so much that we can text, PM, call and whatsapp people the moment we wanted to? What difference was it going to make? After all, if you were very bent on writing it in a letter format, go on do the same and send it in one of the social network you are connected to the other person with. It should be a waste of time and resources, right?!

Well, that was my initial reaction. But then, I wanted to take part in the fun just for the heck of it and sent my address to a couple of people also. Not expecting much out of the process.

Then the letters started getting delivered and people started talking about it. It created a stir in the group and more wanted to do this. Of course, it is not the writing that matters. The content is, because it gets personalized for the receiver. I believe this creates a sense of bonding with the sender.

Now, a letter to me is a proof that someone wants to share information with you, communicate inspite of the time it takes for the process to get completed; it is etched forever, something that can be taken up and reread. Memories forever – I still treasure those letters that dad wrote when I was studying here and he was working in a nearly-village-town.

In fact, I realized that the anticipation was all the more exciting, and not irritating. It so happened that I got a letter delivered at home when I was at office. And I had to wait for 6 solid hours to actually know what it was all about. Nail – biting, I would say πŸ™‚ And our Adminji, who was the first to write to me, sent me a twig of dried flowers all the way from Goa.

Yes, so it is good to revive these long-forgotten habits, and letter-writing is indeed fun!

To those I have promised I will write, will do so by this weekend. And those who got my address, awaiting yours!!


and that was an even older method of communicating we can try to revive next! Pura Vidu Thoodhu - Courtesy, VinodVV Photography
and that was an even older method of communicating we can try to revive next!
Pura Vidu Thoodhu – Courtesy, VinodVV Photography

– Until next,

Vid πŸ™‚