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April 2013

Rational Views on Casteism, Indian Women and Parents

Art by Aadhi

This is a continuation of the post story Aadhiโ€™s return journey which in turn is a sequel to a fellow blogger’s story, Beginner’s Luck.

It was a crowded market place, and Aadhi was buying items off the list his mom had given to him. A hand patted him on the back. “Machi, epidi irukka? (how are you)… Long time no see, infact, seeing you for the first time after college! Man, you are still the same, I say…”

It was Aadhi’s close friend from college, Nishanth, who had gone abroad to pursue higher studies and they had lost touch after that. Aadhi was so delighted to see him ๐Ÿ™‚ They went to a coffee shop near by and started catching up with each others’ lives.

“So Nishi, what are you doing in Chennai now?”

“You know right, my whole family is very music-oriented. Uncle wanted to publish a book on the yesteryear musicians and he wanted their portraits drawn if possible. The moment I saw you in the market, I decided that you are only going to do it for me. I am helping him with the book, and he will sure agree on my choice. Also, he has already seen the portrait of me you gifted on my birthday. He will be pleased to hook you into his project. What say?”

“Oh! Art for a book? I am not very sure I will be able to do it, but let me see what I can do. Send me the details, okay. Nice seeing you after long, dude. But I gotta rush now. Text me, huh! Ciao!!!”

The day he recieved the copy of the book and saw the first few pages, he was very happy and satisfied. It readย Sangeetha Bhushanangal – Annaalil Pudhumai Kandor; underneath it a tiny line that said Ooviangal: Aadhi.

“Now, I call upon Mr. Aadhi, who has done the portraits in this book, to talk a few words on his experience in working shape this book.”

“Hi everyone! Well, I am not accustomed to such diases and magnificient talks. I got acquainted to this project through my friend Nishanth, so a special thanks to him. I work with an IT company and drawing sketches is just a serious hobby, I should say. As far as my experience with the book and the stalwarts of those days is concerned, it was brilliant. I came to know snippets about them as well in course of the work. How great they had been; and what dedication to music! It was very easy for me to relate to their geniuses, because I see one day in and day out at my home…”… he waved his right hand at his mother who was sitting in the first row, her face beaming then.

The dinner was a grand one and Aadhi went around talking to all the big shots. Nishanth was by his side all the while, telling each person he spoke to, how proud he was of his friend. Our boy was grinning from ear to ear each time his friend said that! ๐Ÿ˜€ On the way back home, Aadhi offered to drive the car, because his parents were his guests to the function, essentially.

All the way, our excited Aadhi was describing all that happened in the function to his parents. In his excitement, he missed to see a stray dog cross the street, as the street lights also were not helping really. He hit on the brakes suddenly…. Screech… and an Ooooh! His mom who was sitting behind had hit her head on the front car seat.

His dad started angrily, “What a carelessness this is! Can’t you even drive a car properly? What if it had hit her eyes!! And you call yourself educated…” The rest of the journey was one silly fighting match till they reached home. That night, as Aadhi entered his room to sleep… there was no wishing “good night”s… no “I am proud of you, Aadhi”… no “good job, son”… No expectations, he thought. And with a sigh, he went off to sleep, thinking he had to get back to the muck called IT job the next day morning. #reality sets in…

Art by Aadhi...  lol... actual art by Deva :)
Art by Aadhi…
lol… actual art by Deva ๐Ÿ™‚

– Until next,

Vid ๐Ÿ™‚

Lalgudi Jayaraman

Noted violinist Lalgudi Jayaraman – September 17, 1930, – April 22, 2013, Chennai, India – passed away on Monday in Chennai. He was 82 and is survived by his wife, son and daughter. His son Lalgudi GJR Krishnan and daughter GJR Vijayalakshmi are also violinists. (source – the Hindu)

I offer my version of the thillana composed by him in the ragam Maand, as my humble dedication to the great violin maestro.

May his soul rest in peace!

Lalgudi Jayaraman, the violin genius 001
art by Deva

– Until next,

Vid ๐Ÿ™‚

System Error?

Okay for the first time I write a post as a working IT professional, or so it is called.

We all know that we are technologically advanced and computers do most of the work these days; every detail of ours is electronic, and they are all easy to be integrated.

All that said, have you wondered what would happen if something went wrong in the system, anywhere? Even as lay people, you would have encountered this statement in a super-market or a grocery store, say – “System crashed, Madam. Can I give you a hand-written bill?”

Now that is acceptable. Being the ever-tolerant Indian, we just say that it is not an issue, pick up the bill (which is anyways going to be thrown in a minute) and walk away.

I agree that even before the ‘computerised’ days there were errors. I remember dad telling that he would spend hours together on calculating for a book-adjustment. And it would have been a mistake of a simple addition in the end! But these issues should have essentially vanished, now that you don’t even have the need to use a calculator that often, right.

Okay, just imagine that we are giving a test for a getting diagnosed by a certain health issue, and you get diagnosed as a positive. And the diagnosis is wrong, due to a system error. Do you think it is acceptable? How do you think this can be validated in the first place?

An irritating thing in this is, that the ‘system’ cannot answer back. It is after all a vayilla thing designed by a human. Hence the same human happily passes on the blame to the system and sits back and relax. It is no more their fault. No, seriously, whom else do you blame? The designer? Developer? Tester? Support?

Worser still, is when the fault was not with the system. What if you fed the input to the ‘system’ wrongly? Purposefully, or otherwise, others will never know your intentions! And there is always a slave called the ‘system’ who will happily accept the blame and not talk back! And the conspirator can pass on the whole thing as a mere accident!!

Note to self – if even a line of coding is done, please remember that we shouldn’t give room to these wretched people to hide behind “system errors” to save their skins. We should be in a position then to pull them out and rip their skin off! (read as thola urikkanum avanungala ellam)

Photo courtesy – Vinod

There is a possibility that you are not able to make out what I am trying to say, if so, feelings mutual ๐Ÿ˜€

– Until next,

Vid ๐Ÿ™‚

The log of wood

The floating log, that is me,
On the river, on your left,
I bounce, I float, I do not swim,
The current takes me adrift.

You bestow me with swimming prowess,
Now I can travel both ways, to and fro!
Against the current I do progress,
As I always wished to do.

Its beginner’s luck, and the first
Phase proves to be a worthy quest;
Then by obstacles I get whipped,
Finally my fins get chipped.

I am back to being the log of wood,
And I go adrift again;
The same length that I went up
Now me (and my efforts) down the drain.

‘Peryaatru neervazhip padooum punai pol
Aaruyil muraivazhip padooum’, they say.
How do I react when I get blessed
With fins a second time!

photo courtesy - Sandhya Menon
photo courtesy – Sandhya Menon

P.S: Manipravalam is allowed in poetry, why not Tanglish!

– Until next,
Vid ๐Ÿ™‚

Letter Writing is Fun

“Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company” – Lord Byron.

We had a blogger meet in a cool place called the Zha (as in Tamizh Zha) Cafe. Before leaving, these people offered us post cards that can be addressed and posted to near and dear ones. Later on, people from the CBC (a blogger group I am associated with) took up to reviving the art of letter writing, wherein members exchanged addresses and posted letters.

On both these instances, my reaction in the start was, why would someone write letters when we have advanced so much that we can text, PM, call and whatsapp people the moment we wanted to? What difference was it going to make? After all, if you were very bent on writing it in a letter format, go on do the same and send it in one of the social network you are connected to the other person with. It should be a waste of time and resources, right?!

Well, that was my initial reaction. But then, I wanted to take part in the fun just for the heck of it and sent my address to a couple of people also. Not expecting much out of the process.

Then the letters started getting delivered and people started talking about it. It created a stir in the group and more wanted to do this. Of course, it is not the writing that matters. The content is, because it gets personalized for the receiver. I believe this creates a sense of bonding with the sender.

Now, a letter to me is a proof that someone wants to share information with you, communicate inspite of the time it takes for the process to get completed; it is etched forever, something that can be taken up and reread. Memories forever – I still treasure those letters that dad wrote when I was studying here and he was working in a nearly-village-town.

In fact, I realized that the anticipation was all the more exciting, and not irritating. It so happened that I got a letter delivered at home when I was at office. And I had to wait for 6 solid hours to actually know what it was all about. Nail – biting, I would say ๐Ÿ™‚ And our Adminji, who was the first to write to me, sent me a twig of dried flowers all the way from Goa.

Yes, so it is good to revive these long-forgotten habits, and letter-writing is indeed fun!

To those I have promised I will write, will do so by this weekend. And those who got my address, awaiting yours!!


and that was an even older method of communicating we can try to revive next! Pura Vidu Thoodhu - Courtesy, VinodVV Photography
and that was an even older method of communicating we can try to revive next!
Pura Vidu Thoodhu – Courtesy, VinodVV Photography

– Until next,

Vid ๐Ÿ™‚

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