I may be not be a child, the books and movies may have stopped arriving; come what may, the Harry Potter craze can never completely die.

It was a trend-setting series. Fantasy till then was mostly fairy tales for kids. JK Rowling revolutionized this trend and made magic believable.

I remember this longish message from a friend of mine as to how – unicorns, wizards, elves, .. and most other fantasy thing dealt by JKR, was already described extensively by JRR. Still, what seem to have stuck was HP after all! Boarding school life, magic relatable to Muggles (non-magic folk!), treasure-hunting, mysteries, competitions… it seemed to have everything needed to keep the reader hooked.

I can tell you quite a number of people who, till then were not even into books, who hated HP for the hype it used to create with every book/movie release, later joined the other side! This friend of mine who used to tease me back when the Goblet and Order books were out, then went to the extent of pre-ordering Half Blood Prince and calling me up and threatening me to reveal the story before I read the book. It enticed some that much!

We used to have house names similar to Hogwarts’ Gryffindor (Red), Ravenclaw (Blue), Hufflepuff (Yellow) and Slytherin (Rose, because we never had Green as a house color!) Psst.. I was in Gryffindor! And people were named after their characteristics, ones whom they were paired with, their houses, and what they taught. Oh those crazy days πŸ˜‰ We did have fitting images of Dolores Umbridge, Professor Binns, Severus Snape at school (I wouldn’t reveal who, lest they chance upon this post :P)

Did I tell you HP was all about fun and hype? Not really. I got acquainted to a couple of my best friends through HP talk. Was Severus Snape a good man or bad? led to an extensive argument (we still argue on a lot of things), and paved way to a good friendship, and I am grateful to that.

I had even written an extension of life at Hogwarts for Harry’s daughter, back at school. My first attempt at fiction, apart from my English Paper II general essays. Apparently, JKR drowned all such ideas with that detailed epilogue of hers.

Inspite of the logical flaws the book holds, the complete detours the movies took, your favourite characters dying, Dumbledore being gay (JKR announced it later!), Harry Potter mania never dies πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I am sure there are a lot who are nodding their heads on reading this line.

I relived school and college memories through this post. πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed reading yet another purposeless post of mine!

Ron Weasley - the drawing was a birthday gift :P
Ron Weasley – the drawing was a birthday gift πŸ˜›

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