Some people have the uncanny ability to make you think. By an offbeat conversation, a mere question, or a passing remark. But it is upto you to take it up and actually think/ contemplate, or ignore and bury it a couple of layers deep, never go beyond.

One such instance happened months ago, where in I was asked if I was ready to analyze/know myself. Getting to know the true ME through a set of definitions. What made the definitions foolproof and unquestionable were, the fact that they were dictionary meaning of a certain set of attributes (virtues) that we talk about in daily life. And the surprise was, I did not recognize them as definitions initially (apparently that was needed to undergo the process right).

Then I had to map the definitions to the words… segregate them on headings such as “I am and I want to be”, “”I am not and I want to be”, “I am and I do not want to be”… and thus goes another 4 steps… well for one, I do not want to reveal the entire thing – you need to experience it personally, and another, it is not that easily explainable, I leave it here. But the take away was – What is the kind of person you are; What should you develop/shun in order that you become what you want to be. Basically what are the attributes you need to PRESERVE, ACQUIRE, DISCARD and AVOID.

But such things come with a negative side effect, it left me feeling completely vulnerable and also aghast that someone actually got to know all that about me!  And it takes you this long to get back to those papers, even to have a glance through them again!!! If I am being abstract / confusing here… mission accomplished! 🙂

Then there was another question at another instance – “3 things on why one should live?”

Now, to answer on this to someone, I needed to first convince myself on the stuff I am going to talk. And the longer I took, the stronger became the opponent’s POV that there is no reason. So here goes:

  1. Hope – that the moment right after your life is gone might be the most important moment in your life! And you do not want to miss it!!! Now if you think if you have crossed many such moments and think if it is not really worth the fight… Well, you will never know! Either wait, or miss it.
  2. You never know what’s in store after u r dead . Fear of unknown, say. Atleast this is known territory.
  3. (since I do not get any discounts here!) Because you are the only one who can live your life your way. Incase you lose it, who else can do that!?

One thing is for sure in the end… manda soodagidum…

People in question, pardon me if I had interpreted anything wrongly… I am armored now – go ahead with your comments…

– Until next,

Vid 🙂