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January 2013

Vanakkam Vaazhavaikkum Chennai

This post is part of the blog tag titled, The CBC Tablog where CBC stands for Chennai Bloggers Club. Around 35 amazing bloggers from Chennai are participating in this blog tag; we all get to praise the greatness of our home, Chennai. And here’s my post on What Chennai Means To Me. Thanks to Sandeep Varma, an event blogger,  for passing on the baton to me. Visit here to read his post on Chennai and Event Blogging 🙂

It is an exhilarating feel to just talk about my city Chennai, my home since birth, inspite of brief transfers to other places. I am so reminded of this promo song for a movie called Marina “Vanakkam Vazha Vaikkum Chennai”, a classic description of all our facets, good or otherwise.

A Visual Treat…

  • The Marina beach – One can just look at the ocean and keep looking at it, lost in thoughts, for as long as need be. I especially love the view from the Citi Centre terrace!!
  • The EA, Citi Centre, Skywalk, (age old) Spencers – movies with friends, hangouts, window shopping (sometimes leading to empty wallets too!)
  • Benches on the suburban railway platforms, particularly toward the end, where the stretch of the train does not extend to – occupied by couples who might stare back at you for invading their privacy 😛
  • People’s attire ranging from madisars, veshtis with t-shirts, lungis, formals with ties, jeans and kurtis, and maybe even kaavi-udai will never go out of place here.
  • Over-flowing buses and share-autos… Autos that have meters just like wall-hangings… inevitable traffic due to some major construction (yesterday it was Kathipara, today it is Metro Rail, tomorrow something else…)

These things can never be found in any other city in the world, but Singaara Chennai!!

The Slang Effect…

Well I aint talking only about the Madras slang, I think the previous writers in the tablog have extensively described the “ootla soltu vantiya”, “saavu grakki” stuff…

However, did you know the less popular ones like “nadu-centre, seri-ok, but-aana, side-orama…” types pleonasm (multiple words with the same meaning) lingos that existed among us?! We all have used atleast one at some point of time, right! 😛

‘Then Vandhu Payum’ Effect…

In response to a general opinion that I will write about music, I am.

However grand a music festival happens elsewhere in the world, Chennai is the city still synonymous with sabhas, kutcheris, ARR… It is only here you can find a sabha per street, all of them jam-packed with professional and aspiring musicians, connoisseurs and aficionados of Carnatic classical music from all over the world, especially during the month of december. Scientists should plan to invent a time-turner (Harry Potter style) specially to help the listeners attend all their favourite musicians’ concerts in all sabhas, even if they have to be at multiple places at the same time!

We get to hear standard music not just from these sabhas, but in the unlikeliest places ranging from parties in 5-star hotels to a blind-fellow in the suburban train.

The Olfactory Pollution Effect…

For the sense of smell, I might have mentioned the aroma of the filter coffee aka degree coffee (adhuvum B.E mudichirukkumo!), or Saravana Bhavan, or flower stalls in front of temples, but nope… There is more.

A city constantly expanding limits, has one big drawback, and we simply tolerate it, ignore it, lament about it. That is all. The dumpyards, the Coovam  river and drying stagnant lakes. I have been a victim of the bad olfactory effect throughout my Chennai tenure, because my school was opposite to a cemetary; an open landfill on the way to college; and a massive dumpyard / lake opposite to office 😦 The latest trend is to get prepared and don stoles/ scarves/ dupattas, so that when we cross these spots, we can simply cover our noses!

The Chennai Feel…

I definitely feel bad when the non-Chennai people blame this place for the silliest reasons. Tamil language, water, color, traffic, dirt, movie-heroes, backwardness/forwardness and what not… All I have to say here is: People, she endures/supports you. She may be conservative, but she has not chucked you out. She tolerates you, please try to reciprocate, if not atleast appreciate that.

It is in Chennai, you will find that even the most educated, and invariably wise people are involved in hero worship, viz., Rajinikanth-ism, Sachin-ism, Vijay-ism, Dhoni-ism…

Also it is only here can we have such a group of fun-loving, friendly and happening blogger community such as the Chennai Bloggers Club, that I am glad to be a part of. Kudos to the CBC, the Tablog, Chennai and its bloggers! Hip Hip Hurray!!!!

the maami inspiration was from DailyPhotoChennai
art by Mr.Devanathan

Over to Jothivel Moorthi, whose post can be found here, and who likes to be introduced as someone who never blogs 😉

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

The Alchemist

When a book has been out there for ages (since 1987!), still being talked about, and sells a 65 million copies – it should definitely be worth the read, huh. I just did read The Alchemist.

A wise friend once said that the book is a collection of quotes. Well, if so, it is only fitting to talk in terms of them.

The prologue is an amazing story of a lake and a beautiful youth, who dies falling into the lake when admiring his beauty. The lake says, “I weep for Narcissus, but I never noticed that Narcissus was beautiful. I weep because, each time he knelt beside my banks, I could see in the depths of his eyes, my own beauty reflected.”

True, that. We generally react only to those things that we can relate ourselves to. “The Art of Loving” called it self – love; “The Alchemist” calls it Narcissus. If you do not agree, go check your status/blog post likes and comments.

“If you want something very badly with all your heart, the whole world will conspire in getting it to you.”

The entire book is all about this very quote… On how to follow your dream. Ahem, seriously? Maybe not always… Maybe not all of them. It happens, when you can conveniently get missed in the list of order of write ups in a certain place. The universe is certainly bound to miss you!

“Its called the principle of favorability. Or beginner’s luck.”

Yes. 😦

“Everyone has his or her way of learning things.”

Yes. 🙂

“Its not what enters men’s mouth that’s evil; it is what comes out of their mouth that is.”

Oh, I so loved this line!!

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Was wondering where I had read this already… And that was written on the Dumbledore’s grave in Godric Hollow!!! 😛

“Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.”

Okay, noted. Just one doubt… How on earth does it happen a second time?! Would be glad if someone throws light on this.


On the whole, I think the book’s ambiguity has so much to say in how it gets interpreted and likeable. I will definitely not have understood it the way you did. And there was a lot left unsaid.

Finally, I just have one piece of advice:

If you dream of your destined-treasure-that you have to start looking for, and you have already read The Alchemist – wake up, take a shovel, and start digging right where you slept!! Easiest solution to find the treasure, I say 🙂 😉 😛

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

I have a dream…


The two boys lay face down, listening to the silence. They were perfectly alone and nothing else mattered. Suddenly they realized that this place must exist, that it must be more than just a disembodied thought. And when they thought of clothes, they realized were robed.

They got up and knew that they were in the middle of nowhere. Not a thing around, no defined surroundings. But they knew this was happening. (something like Kings Cross in Harry Potter… or the training scene in The Matrix… or a shared dream as in Inception… well, you get the general idea)

“Where are we? What is this place?”

“Consider this as a limbo… sub-conscious… Whatever you choose.”

“So, why am I here?”

“You should tell. What is that you want to talk about?”

“I hate this life.”

“What is that one thing you want to do to love living?”

“I want to learn. To go to school and study. I do not want to just be driving this cart like the other boy, I do not want to do something because I am told to do so, or because I have no choice. I need to have that control over my life.”

“Then I think that is exactly what you should be doing.”

They both awoke from deep slumber – as the cart jolted to a stop; and their employer splashed water on their faces to wake them up – ready to continue their day of work…

This has been submitted for a photo-post contest conducted by The Chennai Bloggers Club. The CBC is a Facebook group where bloggers with a Chennai connection discuss about several things and of course  about blogging.This contest has been sponsored by Cuponation which is India’s largest coupon portal, specially designed to meet the needs of all online shoppers.

– Until next,

Vid 🙂


Some people have the uncanny ability to make you think. By an offbeat conversation, a mere question, or a passing remark. But it is upto you to take it up and actually think/ contemplate, or ignore and bury it a couple of layers deep, never go beyond.

One such instance happened months ago, where in I was asked if I was ready to analyze/know myself. Getting to know the true ME through a set of definitions. What made the definitions foolproof and unquestionable were, the fact that they were dictionary meaning of a certain set of attributes (virtues) that we talk about in daily life. And the surprise was, I did not recognize them as definitions initially (apparently that was needed to undergo the process right).

Then I had to map the definitions to the words… segregate them on headings such as “I am and I want to be”, “”I am not and I want to be”, “I am and I do not want to be”… and thus goes another 4 steps… well for one, I do not want to reveal the entire thing – you need to experience it personally, and another, it is not that easily explainable, I leave it here. But the take away was – What is the kind of person you are; What should you develop/shun in order that you become what you want to be. Basically what are the attributes you need to PRESERVE, ACQUIRE, DISCARD and AVOID.

But such things come with a negative side effect, it left me feeling completely vulnerable and also aghast that someone actually got to know all that about me!  And it takes you this long to get back to those papers, even to have a glance through them again!!! If I am being abstract / confusing here… mission accomplished! 🙂

Then there was another question at another instance – “3 things on why one should live?”

Now, to answer on this to someone, I needed to first convince myself on the stuff I am going to talk. And the longer I took, the stronger became the opponent’s POV that there is no reason. So here goes:

  1. Hope – that the moment right after your life is gone might be the most important moment in your life! And you do not want to miss it!!! Now if you think if you have crossed many such moments and think if it is not really worth the fight… Well, you will never know! Either wait, or miss it.
  2. You never know what’s in store after u r dead . Fear of unknown, say. Atleast this is known territory.
  3. (since I do not get any discounts here!) Because you are the only one who can live your life your way. Incase you lose it, who else can do that!?

One thing is for sure in the end… manda soodagidum…

People in question, pardon me if I had interpreted anything wrongly… I am armored now – go ahead with your comments…

– Until next,

Vid 🙂

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