Last year around the same time, I wrote a post The Concert Phenomenon, about the fun part that happens around a concert. I think it is time to get a bit more serious.

An opinion in general is “a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter”. If you and I have the same opinion in all aspects, we will essentially be the same person (/people, what should I use here?)

That being said, what happens when opinions clash? When you say a thing is right and I say it is wrong? Classy people will accept the fact that perceptions differ and let the thing at rest. It might be a healthy conversation with egos not getting tampered. But so is not always the case, unfortunately. The others end up trying to persuade the opponent (in opinion) to come over to their side. “You still have to grow up”, they say. Well, who told that you have grown up already?

So you might wonder what on earth am I talking about? I am not sure I know. Well, read along 😉

I always wonder what would yester-year stalwarts like KVN/MDR or probably before them, the Mummorthis’ do if they had lived in a era of social networking like today. Unfortunately, we do not get to find out. I also wonder if in their times they would have been subjected to satire/sarcasm to this extent in those days. If so, they are greatness personified. Even otherwise they are greatness personified. Does that mean that anybody but them is good at the art?

On one hand,  agreed that exploitation happens. Some people are not even aware of what is happening at a concert, but go attend it just for the popular names. Some, we are not sure, are that talented to perform. There is a charged web-casting of programs and people are ready to pay for it. People write columns about concerts and you wonder whether it is just a play of vocabulary. Yes, tamasha happens.

On the other hand, people try to innovate, think out of the box, and experiment. Fusions happen; themes get researched and presented; classical music get english lyrics 😉 As in any new venture, these things can fail. But passion to the art continues. Let the mutual love for something creative NOT be lost and relegated in the necessity to criticize and increase standards.

“Yaarachu edhana try panrangala… Pidicha appreciate pannu… Improve pannalam na suggestions kodu… Illana pesama un velaya poi paaru…” – is the what I am trying to tell.


– Until next,

Vid 🙂