In the name of the book’s review I am trying to write whatever thought process went through me on reading this book “The Krishna Key”.

The book is a mystery – thriller – conspiracy work of fiction with basis in the Indian roots and plot akin to the Da Vinci Code.

Let me list out what I think is indigenous in the plot.

  • The claim that Mahabharata has been the crux of the first ancient civilazation, is definitely a first.
  • Mathematical references, be it 786 / the 108 and its variances
  • The Hindu-Muslim connection
  • The excerpts from Mahabharata, POV – Krishna. We might have heard Mahabharata a dozen times from various sources, but never like this, which is definitely a plus.

What I don’t get is this… Why would an Avataar of Vishnu, trace down and kill the descendants of the previous Avataar of himself? The reason provided for the same is pretty blur.

Also the excerpts from Mahabharata at the beginning of each chapter, though commendable, can be wider spaced between the story. It takes the reader sometime to get used to mentally travelling millenia between the times of Krishna to the reality of the story.

The antagonist(/s) of the story is(/are) worth the mention. The narrative travels from a phase where there is a mysterious villain and her accomplice… then the villain gets another Boss, in lieu of which the former becomes an accomplice… and to general wonder, this phenomena repeats. Then villain1 kills the Boss, and gains control back. Before you are clear on who is after the prized jewel, the story gets over.

The Krishna Key, whatever it was, was not as convincingly sensational as the Holy Grail. However, the attempt and the extent of the research done by Ashwin, is definitely appreciated.

Until next,

Vid 🙂