My dilettante attempt at poetry:

Don’t mess with me, beware!
I am Time, I wait for none;
More complex than molecules,
They call me a fourth dimension.

Theories abound on how I work,
But not one yet convinced this amateur;
So she is still in the dark,
She who writes about me, though to kill me;

Can you travel through me?
Can your past and present meet??
If the Happened can be revisited,
What do you call the future, present and past???

Rework on past being this difficult:
My future can you predict?
But celestial beings or sheer coincidence
Still helps some keep up the confidence!

The more you study me,
The more I confuse you;
In course of time, you might get me right -Oh!
In course of ME, you might get me right!!!

– Until next,
Vid 🙂