This is a guest article from one of my best and favorite friends, who also happens to be a poet (something I can never be :P)… Kudos, Archu!!

On going through a blog triggered me to put up a write of my own. How to start and proceed with the same? I wonder. This is my first attempt on writing after a gap of 14 years. My first story on a cow written while I was in L.K.G still lingers in my mind. It was a short one with not more than 10 lines, a usual story of cow heading into a forest where it faces a ferocious wildcat (tiger). Childhood, a wonderful period in one’s life. A time when one sing aloud, dance in middle of the road; eat ice creams and chocolates mouth full, dripping from one corner of the tender lips, a smile that never deceives any, the touch of those tender hands paving way to happiness to all around.
A child keeps the ambience healthy, for it has no negative thoughts in its mind, thus spreading positive energy. It walks around illuminating the path it trodden. The child grieving inside every adult ebb out once associated with a little one. Innocence and happiness unbound and overflow. Love and peace reach its heights. The activities involve spontaneous actions, gestures with full of zeal. So is the quality of a child that one would prefer to stay in that world as one grow and move on in life.