Misinterpretations happen. Especially with age old customs and traditions.

I remember an interesting discussion I had owing to the link given to me by my friend. (Do check out the link as well)


For those who do not feel like reading the long article, it is about “Science of Genetics behind the Hindu Gotra System – The Y Chromosome and the Male Lineage”.

What followed was a story from mine and my friend’s imagination. I thought I should share it with you all as well. Here goes:

me:      hey i was thinkin of this possibility – jus an imagination

but u gotta hear t thru

Mr.X: k

me:     rishi: “its not advisable for 2 ppl of the same gotra to get married”

layman: “y?”

r: to conserve the Y chromosome that s present only in men

l: “the wat??? :O

r: k just forget t for now… but rememb this, ppl from same gotra are considered siblings (that way they wont marry even if they dont und the reason 😉 )

l: k k

L gets married

l1 to l:

l1: hey im plannin to get married

l: good but dont marry person from same gotra

l1: y???

l: i dono some rishi told so

i also didn… he seemed pretty learned

l1: but i wanna marry some1 from my family, some1 i kno

l: oh…. well i think there s a way out

if u marry ur mom’s brother’s son / daughter that will technically satisfy the cond

(dad’s sister’s son / daughter implied)

l1: wow gr8 idea ill do just tht!!!

l1 to l2:

Mr.X: haha

me:     l1: im happily married…

l2: oh good… to whom??

l1: to my mom’s brother’s daughter

l2 to l3: l1 s happily married

l3: oh gr8 how s tht so??

l2: he says he s married to …. the blah blah

l3: so u say if u marry like that, then thts good…

l2: i guess so…

l3 does the same

l5: im plannin to get married

l4: its to ur cuzin only right…. coz thts how l3 did

l5 to l6: the story goes on….

l116: my uncle has a 1 year old girl… as thts the rule of the society once she s old enuf, she s my wife….

thus the phenomenon

lol story over

Mr.X: 🙂


then comes a new gen

me:     and the actual reason vanishes

Mr.X: inquisitive-1 : how come ppl marry to cuzins

i2 : looks wierd. lets look in

i1 (brilliant in genetics winds back half way and then figures that marrying across gotras helps in reducing the defects in the offspring).

i2: but that cant be true since A + B = C (C gets both genes of A and B). So C = fn(AB) but is gotra A

similarly D + E (E is same gotra as B) = F = fn(DB) but gotra D when C + D = H is allowed we increase the defect probability in H wrt to B

fn (AB + DB)

i1: looks like the rishis had figured some part out but did not know abt genetics that much like we do now

i2: yea. this gotra system doesnt make any sense.

and thats how it goes 🙂

Mr.X:  u explained how it happened

i am saying how its happening now

me: so how was the story????

Mr.X: nice 🙂