Like most of the people in the world, I too believe in the concept of “hard work yielding to success”. Yes, we work towards an aim, and persevere until we reach it. And so we get paid for our efforts.

I absolutely agree to all the above things. What I don’t understand is that, why should someone else appreciate your hard work? I mean, the finished product of any effort warrants validation at any point of time, yes. But it should be the quality of the product (be it a performance, code, or any other kind) that should be reviewed.

Appreciation should come for how good it is, how rare it is, how new it is, and so on. How dumb does it sound if we have to value something just because it was done WITH A LOT OF HARD WORK? Ok then. I don’t know dancing. But I love the art form. I will take it up as a challenge to learn and practice dance for a year. Then I shall perform, and expect you to shower me with accolades. Will you? (Please note that I have 2 left feet ;))

Don’t you think the above paragraph is idiocy? I feel the same way when things like this happen. “My child has worked so hard for this round…” “… So I think she / he is the most deserving candidate for this award…” “… Thus please do vote for her / him…” “… The person has worked so hard to do this role…” “… Hence please so honor the hard work by watching…” “… Consider me to be a child from your home and give me your aadharavu (support)…”

It has become something like a cliché to say “hard work paves way to success” after the exploitation that has been happening on the sentence lately. I think I should redefine what I believe in from now on. I shall do what I love doing, what I am capable of doing, and do it putting my heart and soul into it. I shall expect appreciations like any other human being, but I shall not seek it. “Thou shall be a by-product of the happiness I get by doing something”.

Until next,

Vid 🙂