The first thing that comes to my mind when I start writing here is, “How long is this blog going to last?” LOL!

Since it is my first post, and as usual I have no clues on what I am going to write, I ll try this out.


The Art of Purposeless Writing


I love writing. I want to write something right now, but have no clues as to what to write. So I am trying to cook up some random nonsense and check out how far it goes. One very essential part of any write – up is the topic written about. That is the very thing I am trying to defy – how much longer can I go on without zeroing on one?

Well, so far, so good. So what will you do if you like writing and feel bored on a lazy Sunday like this? I think I can probably give a title to this write-up. How about “the art of purposeless writing”? Oh no! A title kills the whole purpose of purposeless-ness. Now that is a better one – “the purpose of purposeless-ness”. There I go again.

If I have put so much effort for writing something that’s pointless, then, I wonder how much effort has to go into the “summa dhan irkken” job, quoting Vadivel here.

Say, I argue that, it is not right to spend energy on nothing. That is not entirely true.

If energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, then how can it be wasted? Ah! Now, that’s a revelation. Come on guys, it’s not wrong to do nothing anymore. We are not committing any sin! Hence proved.

When I started writing I had an objective of writing at least two pages of this stuff. Then again, I cannot have an objective. So I am just going to write and see how far it takes me. Great, that feels more purposeless! Not hopeless, though. There is a hope of a time pass here.

What to do when we feel bored? I have the eternal trio for my entertainment – mobile, comp and TV. Assuming I should not do anything worth it, I cannot call friends, cannot watch any programme that has meaning, cannot browse without a reason. Then what do I do? The word browse reminds me of something. Search in Google for “I’m feeling bored” and the first hit is a site for this kind of pointless time pass. Most of it is crap, though.

You want me to summarize what’s running in your mind as you read this? “Where is this leading to?” right? Thanks. I am glad you thought so. My answer would be, “Like I know: P “… Hehe…


Three weeks and lot of musings later, I concluded that none can be purposeless. If that sounds like a misnomer to you, all the better because I succeeded in not zeroing on the topic! You will all be agreeing that we cannot do “nothing” at any point of time – minimal breathing O2 / CO2 is needed to tag you alive. At least, doing nothing is impossible to me. And that is what I tried to do above. You may conclude if the attempt was futile or not. Cheers!


Until next,

Vid 🙂